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... listed in no particular order. Many of these bands you will probably have never heard of. Try them anyway. I think the most satisfying thing in the world is to go to a live with a whole lot of bands I've never heard of, who have maybe 10 fans in all the world, and discover something really fantastic. (It's all hit and miss.. you find plenty of crap too.. but oh, the satisfaction when you find something really worth seeing!)

Other indies bands I recommend:
Kein, Galruda, kochou, hotaru, Mucc, metronome, Verfe~gorl, porori, doremidan, La'Mule, kagerou, Inugami Circus-dan, kegare, Mebius, DAS:VASSER, Poisonous Doll, Shiver, PERSONA, Loz'a=Veria, Aioria, Shulla, Nightmare, Fatima, Medical Trance Peach, El Dorado, kinarura, k@mikaze, Syndrome, Vice+risk, Psycho le Cemu, De-Ark, Sorcier Glacé.