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Intense, in your face, and determined. These guys have been around since late 1999, but are only just recently finally starting to get some recognition on the scene. All I can say is: it's about time! Definately worth listening to, not to mention seeing live. Wonderfully dark and decadent.

DéspairsRay are releasing a new maxi single, MaVERiCK, on February 12th.

Industrial goth rock. Dark, whining guitar, lots of static and noise, overlaid by Hizumi's beautiful stereotypically goth vocals. Just when you think you're used to that crooning voice, he starts screaming, and damn, it's enough to get you going all over again. Full-on, never letting up for a second, these guys know how to rock. Highly recommended! So far they've released four demotapes, three CD singles, and a mini album.

Wonderful! Aggressive as hell, Hizumi is constantly at the very front of the stage, practically in the audience, and making eye and body contact with everyone and anyone. In fact, the whole band is quite touchy-feely, and are happy to play and be played with. As a team they work the crowd, and it's really a satisfying sight.. I particularly like it when Hizumi starts climbing the speakers attached to the sides of the stage and headbanging like there's no tomorrow. A great act to fully get into.

Dark, brooding, industrial goth all the way; black and red pvc, corsets, torn fishnets and lace, spikes, collars, and hints of bondage. Not ridiculously overdone, either, but just enough to look damn sexy.

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