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8/2/03 - first, my apologies for the downtime! invasion dream and the rest of is now hosted at a new webhost and is back in action!
(please note that in future I may have to remove some of the images on this site due to limited bandwidth. however I'm going to see first if I can keep everthing up, as I'd hate to remove anything from this site!)
you may have noticed, before we went down, the lack of updates in a very long time. this is due to the fact that I can no longer afford to buy j-rock, and have been so upset about this that I've totally withdrawn from the j-rock scene. ;^^
before I ran out of money, however, I did do a couple of Third Stage orders, but I never got around to updating with them. so, to celebrate the fact that invasion dream is back online (and to celebrate our two year anniversary, which will be in nine days!) I've finally updated! better late than never!
first off, I have added sample mp3s from Blast's akai ryouiki, Dué le quartz's LAST TITLE, Kisui Solo Project's barabara, merry's kouseiha blend ~tasogare hen~, Mucc's homura uta, Schellen's fake lover, and Vanilla's Q. (whew!) There's also samples from the Shock Edge 2002 omnibus, from Fatima, iroha, jinkaku radio, karimero, metronome, Nightmare, porori, and S to M. (These can be found on the 'random' music page.)
(general CD comments: Blast's akai ryouiki is probably their best release to date! love it! Kisui Solo Project totally kicks arse, I love Mucc's homura uta album, and merry's kouseiha blend ~tasogare hen~ is yet another great release from a band that never disappoints. Vanilla's Q was somewhat disappointing after their previous releases, though still not bad, and Schellen's fake lover makes me worry that their music has gone downhill from when they were sarii. Shock Edge 2002 was patchy in places but overall a good buy with some bands on it that really shine.)
There are also new images for Blast, baroque, DéspairsRay, merry, metronome, Mucc, schellen, Vanilla, and a few new images on the random images page -- hotaru, Jakura, Kisui Solo Project, Miyavi, and Waive.
I also typed up the Japanese and romaji for Blast's aa! shosen, aa! mujou, and kao no nai tsuki.
I have also taken down the new release listing page as I have not been updating it, and will not be updating it in future -- it's too depressing for me to look at all the things that I know I can't buy!
now that I can no longer afford to buy j-rock, I don't really have anything to update this site with. however I'd still like to. that means that invasion dream is now open for submissions! if you have mp3s, images, or lyrics that you think I could use, please read the new submissions page and see if you can help me out.
thank you everyone for your continued support! invasion dream is glad to be back online. ^_^

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about this site:
invasion dream is a site for japanese visual kei.. mostly indies, but I'll cover anything unusual and interesting that takes my fancy. I have a great weakness for beautiful men in makeup and full costume playing good, strong music.
after my trip to Japan in December 2000, I discovered just how damn cool the indies visual scene is, and also how little known some of those really great bands are. so I wanted to give them a chance to get known in the western world too.
updates are sporadic. I'm saving to go back to Japan; I can't afford to buy many CDs or magazines. but I'm doing my best.
the mp3s made from demotapes are rather muffled; I'm sorry, there's not much I can do about that. my setup for recording demotapes into my computer is pretty poor, and I've done the best I can.
apologies in advance for my preoccupation with guitarists and vocalists. as a result I often neglect bassists and particularly drummers in live reviews, as I don't necessarily look at them as much.
this site is named from a various artists CD called future invasion dream. I thought it suited.. I know they invade my dreams. ^_^
invasion dream is now open to submissions! please read the submissions guidlines page and donate if you can.

my mp3 policy:
I believe in buying the real thing to support the artist. however, I know that if I had not been able to download mp3s of j-rock bands, particularly indies artists, I never would have known I liked it, and never would have bought it. therefore, I put up these mp3s for sampling purposes.. if you like it, please go and buy it. If you don't like it, you wouldn't have bought it anyway.
if something is particularly rare or hard to come by, I will put it up because you'll likely never get it otherwise. (and collector's prices can be ridiculous. ;^^) if a band is unknown, or fairly unknown, I will put up the whole single/album so you have a proper idea. if the band is fairly well known, at least by indies standards, I will put up only some tracks so that you have an idea of what that release sounds like, but must still buy it (or hunt further) to get everything. please, support these artists.. most of them are young and struggling, and if you don't support them, they may not be able to continue!

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questions, comments, constructive criticisms are welcome. flames and stupidity are not.

bronwyn, ki-chan, rin, hidemi, yuuya, luthien, mo~so~, missy, saiya.. also the many websites I gleaned all my information from. and thanks to all the bands who made the lives so much fun and made me want to follow them around.