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fanmail addresses
fanmail address listing - if you want to write a letter or send a present to your favourite indies artist, check out my list; I may have the address you're looking for.

invasion dream messageboard - please, come and chat about visual kei and your opinions on any of the bands featured on this site, or any other bands you think might be interesting to the rest of us. ^_^

I'm now accepting submissions for fanwork for this page. I'm only interested in indies-related stuff, so please don't submit fanwork for major bands to me. but if it's indies, send it my way! please! I am terrible at responding to email, but if you submit stuff, I will put it on the site. thanks. (fanwork includes wallpaper, winamp skins, fanart, and anything else of that nature you can think of. ^_^ sorry, no fics please.)

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For individual band links, check the related pages.
Got an indies site? email me!

indies sites
~In the Zalemu~ - rin's very cool indies site, featuring info, pictures, and mp3s from all sorts of great bands, including Madeth Gray'll, Kein, Kagerou, El Dorado, and many more. absolutely check this site out. ^_^
stop! the gogatsubyou - bronny's great site devoted to angura-kei, with contributions from many people who are well into the scene. A great resource packed full of information.
Glam Japan - the ultimate obscure indies site. Cameron is currently living in Tokyo and constantly going to lives, and he posts plenty of live reviews, as well as info about latest demotape and CD releases. definately go here!
Morrigan's Dream - a great starting point for finding many new indies bands, as well as an ftp server with a huge repository of obscure and hard to find mp3s. a must visit.
mayonaka no gensou - YumieL's cool indies site with profiles, lyrics, music, live photos, and plenty more, with quite a few bands showcased. very cool -- check it out.
rushed blue - krys' indies site. features info on obscure bands, plus various images and live reviews. a good start and it will hopefully get even bigger and better. ^^
spasm - a small but good indies site with a sizeable amount of music available for request, as well as some basic profiles on a few bands. and a cool layout. ^_^
The Blue Sky Complex - a great site with info, images, and mp3s for several lesser known bands, as well as a few major ones. also the home of Efnet's #jrock channel.
Dreams and Illusions - in both German and English, this site is packed with both indies and major bands, with a huge image gallery and a large fan section as well.
Eternal Blood Relative - Mo~So~'s little corner of madness. includes all sorts of obscure info about plenty of bands, both indies and major. you can also find more info and pics about some of the lesser known bands I've featured that I saw during my stay in Japan, as Mo~So~ was there at the same time and saw many of the same. ^_^
The Haven - Gren & co's j-rock site, with a whole lot of info and images about plenty of bands, both indies and major. lots of obscure stuff! also tons of music to download in rm format, fanwork, and other cool stuff.
Paradoxical Reality - a lovely designed site hosting a large repository of mp3s and video files of lots of different bands, both indies and major.

where to buy
Third Stage - this is the English page for a really cool j-rock store in Tokyo that sells a ton of indies. They also do a lot of secondhand stuff too, so even if it's out of print, you may still find it; it won't necessarily be listed, so you'll probably have to email to ask. (Okada-san is very nice, don't worry. ^^) I mostly use this place for my orders.. definately recommended, except that the payment methods are currently a little awkward.
Brand X - another cool Japanese store that also does mail order. Their site is Japanese only but the links are in English so if you know exactly what you are looking for you can navigate fairly well. I've not used them yet but I've heard that their service is fairly good, and that yes, they do understand English, so email them if you're interested in buying something.
CD Japan - plenty of j-rock is available here, though you'll mostly find major acts.. the only indies I've ever seen is Dué le quartz. Still, worth checking, as their service is great.
HMV Japan - they stock a lot more indies than CD Japan, so you can find plenty of stuff here. Their service is generally pretty good, but be prepared to pay a lot for shipping as they'll only send overseas orders via FedEx. ;^^
J-PopHelp.Com - I've never used them, but I've heard a fair amount of good stuff about them. They stock quite a bit of j-rock, but make sure to check that you are getting the real thing (labeled as 'Japanese Import') and not a bootleg version. They also stock several visual magazines.
YesAsia - there's also a fair bit of j-rock available here, and they also sell Japanese magazines, including all the good visual ones like Vicious, Shoxx and Fool's Mate. I've never dealt with them but have heard good things.