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15/8/02 - woohoo! two days after update time and it's update time again! My package was quicker than I had anticipated, and so today arrived baroque's sukebe boy and doremidan's kabocha no basha wa mach GO! GO! baroque's style seems to have changed quite a lot since their last release, but while they are a little more upbeat, their music is still very good, particularly the 2nd song. ^^ doremidan are totally cute! A little less hard than their demotape, but very fun music. I like them a lot.
I've added samples mp3s from both CDs, as well as scans from the booklets, and from the baroque poster that came with the single. (There's only one doremidan picture -- it's in the random gallery.)
My life is quite hectic at the moment, so I won't have time to type up any lyrics for awhile -- I figured you guys would rather me hurry and do the update now than wait a week for me to type up a couple of lyrics. ^_~ When I can, I'll get some lyrics up from these CDs.
As I said last update, I really don't know when I'll be getting my next order due to lack of money. however, that said, I simply can't live without merry's newly announced maxi-single, so I expect I'll probably have at least that coming in late September. ^_^; Check back then! (And if anyone wants to donate to support my j-rock habit, please do! *grin*)

13/8/02 - it's update time again already! ^^ I got my latest Third Stage order last week. vidoll's face <- mayura and face -> pisaroto, hotaru's kayou suspense gekijou, Gill'e cadith's ura otome zetsurin file and Kilah's jiheiteki izonshou kougun.
I'm absolutely and completely in love with vidoll. I knew nothing about this band and bought these CDs on a whim, and I'm so glad I did -- vidoll are so cool! hotaru's new maxi-single is also totally kick-arse. Gill'e cadith's CD is pretty good, better than their previous stuff. And I didn't particularly like Kilah at all. ;^^
I added a page for vidoll so that you can all fall in love with them as well. ^^ I wanted to add a hotaru page but I don't know enough about them! anyone want to share some hotaru info?
there's now sample mp3s up from all the CDs (you'll find everyone aside from vidoll in the random section) including the voice messages that came with vidoll and Kilah's CDs.
there's new images from all the CD booklets -- a whole slew of vidoll pics to drool over! -- as well as scans of the vidoll and Gill'e cadith posters I got. I also recently picked up the September issue of Fool's Mate, so there's new scans from there, of baroque, blast, kagerou, merry, metronome, Mucc, and Syndrome. kagerou and metronome got their own images pages as a result. There's also an image of Kisui (ex-Phobia) from Fool's Mate which I put in the Phobia gallery for lack of a more suitable place. ^_~
on the lyrics page, I've added the Japanese and romaji for hotaru's miren and vidoll's mayura <-> pisaroto, dying cast and agoraphobia.
I have another small order (baroque and doremidan's new singles) due in about a week or so; check back then for updates. after that, though, there may not be any updates for awhile as I am flat broke and have to curb my j-rock spending habit. ;^^

27/7/02 - mmm, update time! got my latest Third Stage order last week. DéspairsRay's SEXUAL BEAST, Phobia's I, Vanilla's sagashimono/chiisana negai, Mucc's 3rd pressing of tsuuzetsu, k@mikaze's respect baka, and the Hysteric Media Zone 3 and Anarchist Records 4 omnibus albums.
DéspairsRay are fantastic as always! I just love their stuff. Phobia's final single is very catchy, very fun. Vanilla's single is highly addictive and great -- I knew they would be! Mucc is of course kickarse. ^^ k@mikaze's single is very cute. (They're always cute. ^^) the Anarchist Records omnibus is great, totally hard and thrashy. and the Hysteric Media Zone omnibus is patchy in places, but has a couple of really good bands on it -- namely, porori and kegare.
now that I have a newfound Vanilla obsession, Vanilla have their own page. check them out! I really like them. ^^
mp3wise, I've put up Phobia's I, and samples from DéspairsRay, Vanilla, Mucc and k@mikaze. also from the omnibuses, I've put up songs from Misery, d.p.s, mesumerian, WERKMARE, Calmando Qual, kegare, and porori.
there's new images from all the CD booklets (there were no Phobia pics ;^^) including a bunch of stuff in the random section. k@mikaze got their own images page as a result. also, there's some new Syndrome images from a flyer I got.
on the lyrics page, I've added the Japanese and romaji for porori's mother-con lullaby, Phobia's I, D'espairsRay's 'tatoeba' kimi... ga... shinda... ra, furachina toiki to amai uso and valentine, Vanilla's sagashimono and chiisana negai, and the Japanese, romaji and English for porori's kakurenbo.
thanks to Hysteric Media Zone 3 I'm now porori obsessed. I was unable to order their omohide porori demotape though -- if anyone gets their hands on it and can send me mp3s, please, I'm begging you! ^_^;
next order is due probably in three weeks or thereabouts. check back then for updates!

19/6/02 - update time, yay! got my Third Stage order this week -- Kagrra's ~yume izuru chi~ and kirameki, Dué le quartz's rodeo, merry's haikarasan ga tooru, Blast's kurutta kajitsu (ura), k@mikaze's yakyuu ga koroshita, ryuujin's ichi, and the yougenkyou II omnibus. (whew!) very happy me! merry are fantastic -- I already knew I loved haikarasan and the bonus track is awesome. Blast's CD has an extra track that wasn't on the first kurutta kajitsu, which is really cool. Dué' le quartz's rodeo is a huge improvement over Re:plica and a lot of fun. to be honest I'm not real crash hot on the Kagrra stuff -- it's okay, and there are bits I like, but to me it feels like it's missing the flair of their earlier stuff. the k@mikaze CD is like all their stuff: totally cute. *grin* I didn't really like ryuujin much at all.. but I think they're just not my style of music. and the omnibus CD is great -- not as all-round perfect as the first yougenkyou, but still a lot of good stuff!
I've put up samples mp3s up from Kagrra, Dué le quartz, Blast, and k@mikaze, as well as all tracks from the merry and ryuujin CDs. there's also five tracks from yougenkyou II -- Alize Marie, karimero, porori, Vanilla, and merry.
there's plenty of scans from all the CD booklets (the Kagrra booklets had no pics! *sniffle*) plus some scans from a few flyers I got -- Vanilla, and Syndrome.
and now that I finally own some merry music of my own, merry have their own band page. check them out, become obsessed (like I am) and then follow the link to Yuuya's great merry site. ^^
I've added two new wallpapers that I made recently -- one baroque, and one merry.
and finally, I was doing a few translations recently, so on the lyrics page, there's now the English for Crystal Eye's' DEAR LIAR and as free as butterfly and deadman's in media. I've also added the Japanese and romaji for DéspairsRay's genshoku.
you may also notice that the page for sarii seems to have disappeared. you're half right -- look for the 'schellen' page and you'll find it. yep, sarii have renamed themselves to schellen recently. I've updated this sitewide, though most listings are just as 'sarii/schellen' to avoid too much confusion. ^^
as always, enjoy the update -- my next order is due early/mid July.

21/4/02 - this update is a bit slow; my apologies, my life has been very stressful of late, not to mention busy, and a lot of things -- and people -- have been neglected. but, better late than never, right? ^^;
my most recent Third Stage order arrived 2 weeks ago -- with this order came Gill'e cadith's ocha no aida chuudoku category, the Matina Decadence 2002 omnibus, the Punishment Party vol 3 omnibus, and Kagrra's kagura fuunroku video. yay! well actually the best thing was the Kagrra video. ^_^ so much fun watching the boys prance around onstage. (and make sure you keep watching after the credits roll -- there's three times as much on the video as you think!) Gill'e cadith's single is also pretty cool, fun in places, though I think Karuna needs some singing lessons. And both the omnibuses I found to be rather lacking in talent, to be honest. ;^^ there's plenty of stuff on them that's okay, but not a lot of stuff that really shines. and there was a lot of not so good. but maybe I'm just getting picky in my old age. one thing's for sure though -- the indies scene is seriously in short supply of singers who can actually SING!
the Matina omnibus did, however, introduce me to the delights of the band kochou, who I'm now thoroughly in love with. a side project of Shion and Asagi from Syndrome, they do this wonderful ambient goth type of music -- indescribable, definately not rock, and damn good! I need more!
anyway, there are now 3 mp3s up from Gill'e cadith's new single, as well as a whole slew of stuff from the omnibuses -- new songs from sarii and Misery, and in the random section, songs from ALi'ze Mis Ra'ill, Cell no 7, fugue, kinarura, kochou, Nightmare, PERSONA, phylia, and WERKMARE. (whew!)
there's a ton of images in the random gallery from the omnibus CDs, and scans from Gill'e cadith's CD, enough to get them their own pics page. also, with huge thanks to hidemi (miss you!) I have scans from the March issue of Fool's Mate -- new baroque, deadman and Dué le quartz images, plus Inugami Circus Dan, kagerou, Lubis cadir, merry, metronome, Mucc, Psycho le cemu, and Syndrome. (merry got their own pics page too!) Oh, and a couple of Kagrra pics from the video cover. Plus ki-chan sent me an old Crystal Eye's flyer she had so there's pics from that. ^^
in the lyrics section, there's the Japanese, romaji and English for kochou's koibumi ~yakusoku no jumoku~ and deadman's sakura to ame and shikibetsu no nai kuukyo, the Japanese and romaji for sarii's odoru freaks, and the English for hotaru's ame nochi heya.
you may also notice that I got carried away redecorating -- all the discography and music pages have a different layout now. what do you think? I was finding the previous layout too awkward; it needed too much scrolling down. I think this looks much better and is easier to read. ^^
oh, and the wonderful rin has corrupted me again -- it's merry this time. I'm hooked. I love merry. I need more merry. go to ~In the Zalemu~, request their music, and be converted. ^_^ (god what with that, kochou, and my recent metronome obsession, I'm going to be even broker than ever!)
next Third Stage order is due late May/early June. (as noted before, I'm poor and it's not improving. ;^_^) see you then!

17/2/02 - happy anniversary to us! *throws streamers* invasion dream is one year old today. to celebrate, we have a brand new design for you. check out that front page -- I had so much fun making it! ^_^ please note that this site is now optimized for 1024x768 resolution -- it'll still work fine in 800x600, it may just look a little cramped in places. ^^
I also recieved a nice order from Third Stage this week. ^^ I got baroque's akihabara denkiten kokujinpo a tokyo stripper (I am still not 100% sure how to romanize that title ;^^), Phobia's reikanshou, Mucc's fu wo tataeru uta and the omnibus Hysteric Media Zone 2. yay! I am on a baroque fixation at the moment.. damn, I love them! Mucc's single is really good too, very strong, very Mucc. (and if you bought it, make sure you put the CD in your computer.. there's a live mpeg on it for you!) Phobia's single is very Phobia -- I like it a lot, but it's not as strong as their stuff normally is. Very typical sound for them. And the omnibus is rather patchy in places, but has a couple of good bands, in particular hotaru, who I'd never heard of before, but who I'm now in love with. ^^
baroque now have their own page in the bands section -- check them out, be converted! I've put up mp3s of their mini album, as well as sample mp3s from Phobia and Mucc's singles. I've also put up 4 tracks from Hysteric Media Zone 2 -- two tracks by hotaru, and two tracks by ICONO CLASM, which you'll find on the random music page. (Mucc is there, too.)
there's new baroque images, Mucc images, and Phobia images, as well as 6 pictures in the random gallery from HMZ2. I've also typed up the Japanese and romaji lyrics for baroque's koma and tight as well as hotaru's ame nochi heya. and finally, there are four new wallpapers -- one baroque and one Phobia by me, and two Dué le quartz with thanks to Mikado and m*ningyou. ^^
I'm not sure when the next order is due, but I think it's sometime late March or early April. (waah, I'm too poor. ;^^) until then, have fun with the new layout.

4/1/02 - happy new year everyone. ^^ and my latest order arrived yesterday.. what a great way to start the new year. I got deadman's Site of ScafFold, Blast's kurutta kajitsu, Mucc's aishuu, Gill'e cadith's jigyaku mousou cranberry, k@mikaze's oni no youna inu, death+qpid's retro museum, and the omnibus album yougenkyou -mirrors of new generation-. (whew, feels like Xmas again!) deadman's album is the absolute highlight, though I knew it would be. *heheh* everyone, get it!! Blast's mini-album is also really good and rockin' (I love you, Iori!) and Mucc's aishuu is really cool. (and came with a jigsaw puzzle, of all things. ^^) Gill'e cadith are pretty good, actually, I quite like them, and k@mikaze are cho-cute. They're not fantastic yet but I think they've got plenty of promise. death+qpid are not too bad.. I bought them on a whim after liking a song of theirs I'd heard before. this single is kinda cute, but the singer needs some singing lessons, I think. and the omnibus album is one of my favourite omnibuses.. really solid music throughout, and with Phobia, deadman and Galruda all on one album, how could you go wrong? ^_~
because I adore deadman and Blast so much, and finally own something of theirs, they both now have their own pages in the 'bands' section, so please, check them out, and fall in love as well. ^^
I've put up samples from deadman's Site of ScafFold, Blast's kurutta kajitsu, Mucc's aishuu, and death+qpid's retro museum, as well as all tracks from Gill'e cadith's jigyaku mousou cranberry and k@mikaze's oni no youna inu. there's also five tracks up from yougenkyou -- deadman, Fatima, Galruda, k@mikaze, and PERSONA. and mp3s of voice messages that came with the Blast and Mucc cds. most of this stuff you will find in the 'random' section of the music page.
there's also images up from all the cds, which means plenty of stuff in the random images gallery. Mucc got their own gallery page now since I have several images of them.
I also typed up the Japanese and romaji lyrics for Blast's CRY*BABY and deadman's in media, please god, oboreru sakana, blood and re:make.
next order is late January/early February, so expect an update sometime around then. in the meantime, enjoy. I know I am. ^^

7/12/01 - yay! my Third Stage order is here! ^^ with it came sarii's abnormal, Earl Grey's GEEKS, and Phobia's ~Re-mix~. I'm a happy girl. sarii I'm particularly happy with; they're continuing to prove to me that they know exactly what they're doing. abnormal is a very cool single. Earl Grey's mini album is good; not quite up to speed with their previous stuff, but my biggest gripe is really the poor mixing of Yukito's vocals. (Fire whoever mixed the damn thing!) all up I rather like it -- couple of really strong tracks in the middle in particular -- and I'm happy, but I still like their previous stuff better. and Phobia's ~Re-mix~ is just plain weird. not to mention very cool. ^^ I had thought it was going to be an album, but it's actually just a single.. two tracks. the first is a ten minute remix of murasaki, with a least half a dozen other Phobia tracks mixed in for good measure. and the second is the itsumademo mix -- a five minute jumble of probably a dozen Phobia tracks, with puppet master and kamen butoukai the most prominent. very funky mixes. I like. ^_^
I've put up mp3s of all of sarii's abnormal, 3 tracks from Earl Grey's GEEKS, and the 2nd track from Phobia's ~Re-mix~. There's also images scanned from the booklets of all three releases, as well as an Onmyouza image from a flyer I got. (that's in the random images gallery.)
I've added the Japanese and romaji lyrics for sarii's haguruma and mayoiko and Earl Grey's kuroneko arisu to boku, funny drip, and kareyuku hana no higeki, and the Japanese, romaji and English for Earl Grey's HEAD WILL ROLL.
and in the fanwork section, I've added a Phobia wallpaper, an Earl Grey wallpaper, a Phobia winamp skin, and a Galruda winamp skin. (get into Galruda! go request them at rin's site! I'm in LOVE!)
next order should be sent on Xmas day or thereabouts, but with all the holidays around that time I probably won't get it until after New Year. but expect updates soon after. ^^ I've plenty of cool stuff coming in this order.

1/12/01 - a small update, but I'm sure you all don't mind too much. ^^ I recently bought 2ndhand copies of Cure's REAL LIFE and Shiver's hypnosis, and they turned up just the other day. (ahh, new music always improves my mood! thanks, Angel!) Cure's single isn't too bad, actually -- I hadn't known what to expect, because they can be pretty patchy. I like the first song best, and I still think Kei is really in need of some singing lessons (the third song shows this up particularly) but all up, not too bad an effort from them. Cute as ever. ^^ As for Shiver.. well, I already had mp3s of hypnosis, so I already knew how much I love that single. *grin* Shiver were a great band.. it's a real shame that they disbanded, but that doesn't stop me from loving their music.
I've put up mp3s of REAL LIFE, and also hypnosis. (you can find that one listed in the random section.) I also scanned all the images from the singles, so there's a bunch of new Cure images -- including some flyers Angel was kind enough to send me with the single ^^ -- and images of Shiver which can be found in the third random gallery page.
I also added the Japanese and romaji for Shiver's hypnosis and Gimmick.
and recently I've been working on adding some new stuff to the site -- discographies. ^^ so now, just about every band (barring two or three who I just couldn't for the life of me find any useful info about) has a discography page; all their releases complete with track listings. it also meant I could tidy up the music pages a bit too. yay, my site is more informative now! *grin* I also added a "news" section to the top of each band page for any band that has recent news worth mentioning. if I've missed something, or gotten something incorrect in any discography, or you have some news I don't know about, please let me know.
my latest Third Stage order was shipped on Wednesday. (YES!! new sarii and new Earl Grey.. I can't wait!) It won't turn up till Monday or Tuesday, but at any rate, expect another update sometime next week. ^^

15/10/01 - my most favourite thing in the world: new music. ^^ especially the good stuff. my most recent Third Stage order arrived last week with Kagrra's new minialbum, irodori, Earl Grey's Marchentic Paradox maxi single, Misery's Misery demotape, Phobia's best of album, Phobia, and the omnibus Shock Edge 2001. I hardly knew what to listen to first. ^^ all up, I'm pretty happy, although Misery's new music isn't exactly comparable with their older stuff. ;^^ I think losing 4 out of 5 members has lost them their edge. (no huge surprise there, but still..)
anyway, I've put up 3 tracks from irodori, all of Marchentic Paradox and Misery, a couple of tracks from Phobia, the voice message that came with Phobia (it's so cute! Kisui is so silly! ^^) and a few of my favourites from Shock Edge 2001. (you'll find those in the random section.) there was also a voice message disc with Marchentic Paradox, but the quality is /really/ poor.. I'm going to try and improve it before I mp3 it.
I've added an Earl Grey page to the bands section, now that I officially own something of theirs. ^^ make sure you check them out. (I'm seriously in love. *grin*)
in the images section, there's plenty of scans; from the booklets of the Kagrra, Phobia, Misery, and Earl Grey releases, as well as a set of older days Phobia postcards that I managed to get my hands on. (very cool!) also there's scans in the random section from the Shock Edge 2001 booklet, of every band featured therein. (15 all up, I think.)
in the lyrics section, you'll find the Japanese and romaji for Phobia's tamashii no hitsugi, saezuru meido -self-discipline, murasaki, puppet master, shiroi silicon, neo-Nazism and kuroi neko, the Japanese, romaji and translation for Phobia's la rouge fil and 'gabyou . kugi . hari' and the translation for DéspairsRay's Carnival. (yes, apparently I'm on a Phobia kick at the moment. Kisui~~~~)
next Third Stage fix isn't until late November/early December. (woe is me, I am poor! >.<) check back for updates then! ^^

4/09/01 - yay! update time! if you read the msgboard, you'll know that I recently got my copy of DespairsRay's new minialbum, Terrors, as well as Due le quartz's new single, Re:plica. I'm absolutely and completely head over heels in love with DespairsRay all over again.. they're so damn hard and wild and cool! still haven't stopped listening to them. ^^ Due le quartz, on the other hand.. eh, I'm a little disappointed with the new single. It's just not up to speed with their previous stuff.
anyway, I've put up mp3s of Terrors and some of the tracks from Re:plica, as well as the bonus voice message disc I got with Re:plica. there's also scans from the booklets of both CDs.
also, on the band pages, I finally found some profiles to translate for several bands I was lacking them for. so, there's now profiles of each of the members of DespairsRay, Phobia, sarii, and Vizell. yay!
on the lyrics page, I've added the Japanese and romaji for DespairsRay's genchou and Carnival, Due le quartz's Re:plica, and Earl Grey's Marchentic Paradox and shikaku no naka, and the Japanese, romaji and translation for Earl Grey's Butterfly and sarii's ubugoe.
in the fanwork section, there's two new sarii wallpapers, and two new winamp skins; one sarii, one Earl Grey.
also, on the misc page, I've added two new features that I hope you'll like: a new release listing, and a fanmail address listing. so now you can find out when your favourite band is releasing their next CD or demotape, and you can also find an address to write to your favourite artist! I hope you'll all find these useful. I'll be trying to update the new release listing weekly, regardless of how often the rest of the site gets updated.
oh, and updated various info and added a few band-related links, and also linked to ~In the Zalemu~, which I can't believe I didn't have linked earlier. gomen ne, rin!
recently, with thanks to rin, I've found a new obsession: Earl Grey. (you may have noticed their influence in the updates.. lyrics, winamp skins... ^^) I felt the need to mention them here because I'm just madly in love with them and their music. ^_^ if you haven't heard them before, hop on over to rin's site ~In the Zalemu~ and request their songs; you can find them listed on her 'random' page. if you like anything Matina-style, you'll like these guys. and Zill is so damn beautiful... ^v^ I'll likely add them to this site once I legitimately get ahold of one of their CDs.
next indies fix from Third Stage is due early/mid October.. expect more updates then. ^^

10/07/01 - I love update time. ^^ I recently got sarii's waisetsu therapy demotape, Crystal Eye's' as free as butterfly demotape, and Vizell's Kaleidoscope mini-album. I'm so happy! what a great set of really good new music. I'm particularly obsessed with sarii.. their music is fantastic! as a result I've added a sarii page to the bands page section, with info and a very meager gallery. (sorry, pics of them are hard to come by!) I've made mp3s of their demotape available, as well as Crystal Eye's (waah! such cool songs! love their new look, too!) and Vizell; as usual check the music page for info about requesting. oh yeah, and ki-chan was kind enough to lend me her Kagrra kotodama demotape! yay! so I've made mp3s of it available as well.
imagewise, there's a new Crystal Eye's image, and some new Vizell images from the Kaleidoscope booklet. I also recently got the August issue of Vicious magazine, so I have some other images.. 3 new Dué le quartz, 5 new Kagrra, 1 new Syndrome, 2 new Psycho Le Cemu (they get their own gallery page now ^_^) and on the random pics page, 1 new Kagerou and 1 new Inugami Circus-Dan. I also discovered some Aliene Ma'riage images from the February issue of Vicious that I forgot to add, so I put them up as well. ^^
in the lyrics section, I've added the Japanese and romaji for sarii's ikenai asobi, Crystal Eye's' as free as butterfly, and Vizell's rape myself, as well as the Japanese, romaji and translation for sarii's mousou tenshi and Crystal Eye's' Shard of Delusion.
there are a couple of new Kagrra links, and some general updates on the band pages about forthcoming releases and such, and I've added a 'where to buy' section under the links on the misc page. Hope it helps. ^^
also, I've finally gotten a little better at making mp3s from demotapes, so I'm remaking all my demotape mp3s that were previously so muffled. so far, I've done Misery and mesumerian, with the rest to come.. so if you were unhappy with the quality before, please feel free to rerequest them and I'll send you the new ones.

18/06/01 - I guess it had to happen sooner or later.. i-drive are closing their services as of June 18th. today. so all my hosted mp3s at i-drive are about to go kaput. ;^^ i've been hunting down other free web-based hosting services but they all seem to be vanishing lately. (and the ones that are still around are pretty suspect.) I've settled on hosting my mp3s at streamload. you have to make an account to download from there, but you can do so for free. as a free member you have limits on how much you can download at a time, but it's not too bad, and since the service is also paying, hopefully they won't vanish anytime soon. ^_^ the only drawback is that you have to request for me to send the files to your account. but I don't think it's too much hassle and it's the best hosting place I've found. please see the main music page for more information about requesting music. hope you'll all still be interested in getting the mp3s, and please email me if you have any problems, questions, or suggestions of alternate hosting solutions. ^_^
I've also managed to upload a couple of other tracks in the midst of my frantic re-upload to streamload. I've put up the remaining two tracks from Girotin's jisatsu shigansha e... demotape (thanks so much, luthien!) and the bonus track from Dué le quartz's jisatsu ganbou 2nd press, just like I promised. I also put up a couple of other Dué le quartz tracks from the Dear... from xxx singles while I was at it: B.U.G, higouhou drug, and the bonus tracks, [ ~ Baby ] and [ Merry ~ ]. Enjoy.
I also made another winamp skin, this one of Kisui from Phobia. ^_^
I'm expecting a couple of demotapes and singles to arrive late June/early July.. keep your eyes peeled for another update soon after.
(p.s. I had a few problems with paying for the bill of my website hosting (I was late ;^^) and so the site may go down for a day or two.. if so don't worry, i'm sorting it out, it'll be fine again in no time. ^^)

16/05/01 - addendum update.. (ooh, two in one day, I'm proud!) because of i-drive's download limits on each account, I've made two more i-drive accounts and split my files up even further. so if you were having trouble getting the music you wanted due to the download limits, it may be easier for you now. ^_^

16/05/01 - sorry for the delay.. real life not so good. ;^^ Anyway, better late than never! Since the last update several CDs have arrived, including DéspairsRay's two singles, kumo and genwaku, Phobia's first full-length album, materiel of utopia, and orugo-ru's maxi-single, mousou to requiem. I've gone so nuts over orugo-ru's music (love them!) that I added a page for them in the band section, but I may be a bit late, as they have apparently disbanded earlier this year. ;^^ Will verify asap.
Anyway, I uploaded their single, along with all of DéspairsRay's songs, and several tracks from the Phobia album. Enjoy, and please buy if you like them. ^_^ I love Phobia's album! It's so damn cool! (And DéspairsRay's singles are awesome, too, I've just been distracted by the other stuff.. ;^^) I also have two tracks from Girotin's jisatsu shigansha e... demotape, with much thanks to Luthien.
There's also scans from the DéspairsRay, Phobia, and orugo-ru CD booklets added to their images pages, plus a couple from Aliene Ma'riage that I forgot to scan earlier. And a random older days Phobia photo that ki-chan was kind enough to let me scan. (miss you, ki-chan!)
In the lyrics department, I've added the Japanese, romaji and English for Aliene Ma'riage's kourin, the Japanese and romaji for Misery's 'kioku' (thanks Katsura!), Phobia's Q no kaado wo katta boku and orugo-ru's shinjitsu no kagami, and the romaji and English for orugo-ru's Juliet ~eien ni utsukushiku~. Have fun. ^_~
I've also updated information over many of the band pages to reflect changes, disbandings, new releases forthcoming, etc. So many bands are breaking up lately, it's depressing. ;^^ And my mp3 policy for this site is now noted on this page.
The 2nd press of Dué le quartz's jisatsu ganbou recently arrived.. I intend to upload the bonus track (a live version of the title track) as I don't agree with P.S. Company's marketing ploys of putting bonus tracks on rereleases. So, soon as I can.

9/04/01 - Aliene Ma'riage's 21st Century album arrived a few days ago. Totally kickin' piece of work! ^_^ See the messageboard for a full review. I've uploaded a couple of tracks to i-drive -- kourin, Native Devil, Deadly sin (nanatsu no daizai) and Cyber Patrol wo uchiotose -- to give you some idea of their new style.. I highly recommend this album for any j-rock collection.
I also added the rest of the d.p.s tracks I was uploading, BODY LANGUAGE, Bitter Sweet Moonlight and LAST LOVE. And I've put up the Japanese and romaji for Misery's scarification.

27/03/01 - I've added a few tracks; Hungry Glider, TWICE -K.K.H-, Beast & Flower and fairytale - karehateta hana by d.p.s (I'm trying to get the rest of the album up, having upload troubles) and by Syndrome.
I've also added some lyrics -- argh, I didn't upload the lyrics page properly last time I updated lyrics, gomen! It's fixed now! anyway, added is the Japanese for orugo-ru's Juliet ~eien ni utsukushiku~, the Japanese and romaji for Kagrra's sakura ~saikai no hana~, ao no souretsu and yousai, the Japanese, romaji and translation for Kagrra's sarasouju no kogo uta and sarii's kowareta omocha, and the translation for Madeth Gray'll's tsuioku. whew!
unfortunately, due to the continued bandwidth drain on my site, I've had to move the rest of the music files to i-drive. however, because i-drive apparently has a limit on how much can be downloaded from each account in a day, I've split everything into two seperate drives. so, all music by bands with names starting from A-K are in the original drive, and all L-Z artists are in a new drive. see the music pages for details and please let me know if you encounter any problems.

14/03/01 - Kagrra's Sakura is here! I'm so happy! And the Nue repress too. See the messageboard for my happy blatherings about them. ^_^ I've uploaded all of Sakura, plus the extra track from Nue, to i-drive. Also, with Sakura came a message disc, a good 13 minutes of Kagrra talking and giggling, so I've uploaded that as well.
I also decided to put up a few songs from other bands that I really like, but don't have actual pages for, for whatever reason. so, at i-drive, via the main music pages, you can now find Wo Ai Ni and trauma by DAS:VASSER, glow by Medical Trance Peach, Juliet ~eien ni utsukushiku~ by orugo-ru, RECTO AND VERSO by Poisonous Doll, and kowareta omocha by sarii. enjoy!
oh yeah, and I added a link to rin's cool Madeth Gray'll site on the Madeth Gray'll page. Yay!

7/03/01 - unfortunately, due to huge amount of traffic at my site, I went way over my bandwidth limit this month and am going to have to pay a lot of money for it. ;^^ the only way I have figured out to deal with this at the moment is to move the music files (my biggest bandwidth drain) elsewhere. so, while I am leaving a few at my site to download directly, I've moved most of them to i-drive. I'm sorry for the inconvenience; I simply can't afford it otherwise. (any alternate suggestions are welcome.) please see the music pages for info on logging in, and email me or post on the messageboard if you have any problems with getting the files.
aside from this, I've added the Japanese and romaji for Dué Le Quartz's B.U.G, Madeth Gray'll's tsuioku (thanks Yukina!) and Phobia's ambilical code. also, on the Misc page, I've opened the wallpapers section under Fanwork and put up 10 wallpapers that I've made, and I've added 3 links.
Kagrra's Sakura and 2nd press Nue were released 4 days ago.. now I'm waiting for them to arrive. I'll update as soon as I get them. ^_^

17/02/01 - live live live! invasion dream opens to the world! *throws streamers* still to come: some more matina image scans, actual fanwork, band contact information, and more lyrics and lyric translations. possibly some reviews if I feel up to it. hope you all enjoy the site as much as I enjoyed putting it together. please come yabber about it on my messageboard if you feel so inclined.