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Kizuki (V) Keiji (G) Mafuyu (B) Kazumi (D)

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Working the scene since late 1998, these guys only finally started to get recognition in 2000. Cute, upbeat and fun, they're not the most visual of bands, but their music is good and their personalities endearing and enjoyable to watch live.

orivia disbanded on August 25th, 2001 after having their final oneman live. Kizuki has gone on to join k@mikaze; I'm unsure as yet what the others are doing. (you can find samples of k@mikaze's music in the random music section.)

Upbeat, cheerful rock. Kizuki has a light, melodic voice that floats neatly over the intertwining, chording guitars. Typical sugary rock music, but with enough uniqueness to stand them out from that. I like it, anyway. ^_^ They have released several demotapes, a single, a box set, and one full-length album.

Very cute and a lot of fun. Basically, they just love to play. ^_^ Kizuki is always up the front, personable and always singing to someone with a big grin on his face. He likes to crowdsurf on occasion as well. The other members are shyer in retrospect but they move around a lot and still interact plenty with the audience, and there's something about them all that's just adorable. (And photos don't do Keiji justice!)

Just enough makeup and costume to be considered visual. But only just. ^_^ They do have a fondness for darker colours and leather-esque material, but only sometimes. Still, they make an effort with what they wear, and reflect their young, lively music in the way they look.

Orivia - a Japanese only fansite with plenty of information on members, discography, live schedule, and more.
Heartfelt Moment - a Japanese fansite for Kizuki, this still has plenty of information about the rest of the band as well.