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Running the indies circuit since mid 1999, these guys are young and vibrant and impressively talented. Their music fresh against the same-old same-old, and their look understated elegance, they certainly caught the eyes of many and enjoyed a great deal of popularity before they disbanded.

Vizell have now finally officially disbanded. (waaah!) However as of March 2002, Tatsuya and Kaine are in a new band together, called Arpege, and are already performing lives. Keep an eye out for them -- I know I am!

Funky and full of groove, Hikaru's bassline sets the mood and moves with a solid pace that Kaine's guitar catches and echoes, in a twitching melody that really makes you want to dance. Occasional bursts of strong, screeching guitar are, oddly enough, completely suited. Tatsuya's voice is divinely entwined with every note, strong and capable, with an occasional panting/screaming attack that makes you want to melt. Highly recommended! They have three maxi singles available, and two mini albums.

Unfortunately I never got the chance to see them live.. I missed them while I was in Japan. ;^^

Simplistic stylishness, they dress mostly in black (or dark colours) and always in well cut, simple designs, or tailored suits. And damn, they look good in it.

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