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Crystal Eye's

Masaki (V) Eveki (G) Kai (B) Tsuzumi (D)

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Crystal Eye's formed back '98, when Masaki first formed the band. Originally, there were five members -- Masaki on vocals, Shiver and Yukina on guitar, Ken on bass and TAKA on drums. However, in April 2000, the band took time off for awhile, and Shiver, Yukina and Ken all left. After recruiting Eveki and Kai, and with TAKA changing his name to Tsuzumi they returned to the music scene. I adore these guys; their music is sweet and lovely, and the band members themselves are darlings. ^_^

Crystal Eye's, too, have disbanded as of October 29th, 2001. (waah! I'm so upset!) Tsuzumi has gone on to join the band Vanilla, changing his name back to TAKA in the process -- see the Vanilla page for more info on them. I'm mot sure what the other members are doing yet. (Kai~~~~ ;_;)

Rock with a slightly softer, happier edge to it. It's still quite hard, but it has this sweet melody running through it that is really pretty. All the members play quite well, and while Masaki's voice still needs a bit of work, it too is quite pretty and soulful, and suits the music well. They have released one single, one demotape, and have also appeared on a couple omnibus albums.

Very cute. Masaki is very feminine and pretty, and he acts it onstage; for the most part he stays near the microphone, doing intricate hand gestures and smiling at the audience. In between songs he speaks in a soft voice and seems shy, his voice shaking. He has a habit of forgetting where they're performing and having to ask Tsuzumi for help. ^_^ Eveki is quite bouncy, but doesn't move around alot, however Kai makes up for it by being full of energy. He loves to move around all over the place, and to interact with the audience all the time. Tsuzumi seems a little shy, but he's obviously having fun; I think he's a little embarassed by the number of girls who will only take photos of him, so he hides behind his drums more than usual. ^_~

Despite being fairly unknown (and probably poor as a result ;^^) they nonetheless make plenty of effort with their costumes. Masaki tends towards white and lace, while the other band members are more fond of black and pvc, fishnets, leather, and occasionally black fluffy stuff. Overall gives a very cool look, imho.

Crystal Eye's Room - a Japanese fansite with information and live reviews, though very out of date.