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Zen (V) Shinobu (G) HIDE (G) Kuro Kosugi (B) TAKA (D)

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Vanilla are a relatively new band, having formed in October last year. But with Shinobu and Kuro Kosugi (formely Sugi) of PlatinA Forest, HIDE of After effect, TAKA of Crystal Eye's, and with ex-Fatima guitarist Zen taking the vocal spot, it's obvious they're all old hands on the indies scene. And from the start they've shown to have an unusual and unique sound and style. A band to definately keep an eye on. ^_^

Rock with a strong jazz feel to it. The bass and drums are wonderfully funky and rhythmic, and both Shinobu and HIDE can do some very cool things with their guitars. Zen obviously made the right move switching to vocals -- he has a lovely voice, very smooth and silky, and he knows just what to do with it. I really like Vanilla, they stand out as being different! So far they have released one demotape and three maxi singles.

I've never seen them live, but I have heard that they're quite a lot of fun.

Eclectic, that's the only word I can think of to describe them. ^_~ There's a touch of the dark goth visual to their look, and a touch of the cute, and a touch of a dozen other things as well. I think they just took the best of all worlds and put it all together!

Vanilla Official Website - they even have their own site, and it's really cute! Profiles, live schedule, and even a column that the members take turns writing. ^^