invasion dream  


Kei (V) Aki (G) Airi (B) Satsuki (D)

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One of the cutest little bands around the scene, these guys have plenty of charisma and are a lot of fun. While not musically the most talented, they nonetheless have ability and are worth keeping an eye on, as I think they're still young and learning yet.

Typical visual rock, for the most part. Kei sounds particularly good when his voice is put through some of those really cool filters, as he's not the best singer in the world. ;^^ They tend to be fairly hit-and-miss; some songs are great, while others are really lacking. Given time, though, I think they could really do something. They have released two demotapes and one maxi single so far.

Adorable! Kei is vibrant and cheerful, always at the front of the stage, singing to whoever he happens to find to look at, and smiling sweetly. He knows how to get those little girls' hearts fluttering! Both Aki and Airi are gorgeous as well, moving about a lot, swapping places, and constantly encouraging the crowd to join in. Definately a lot of fun to see.

Cute goth, if that's not an oxymoron. ^_^ They wear the typical sort of visual costumes, dark and leather, fishnets and heavy makeup, yet they manage to make it cute at the same time. And they do it really well.

Cure - the only site I've managed to find so far and there's nothing really there. *sigh*