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C-Rei (V) Ai (G) Ramu (B)

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A fairly unknown Matina band that are nonetheless damn cool. Useless but fun fact: 'orugo-ru' means 'music box', and can sometimes be found written 'orgal'. Unfortunately I know practically nothing about these guys, other than that Ai and Ramu are formerly of Laybial.

orugo-ru disbanded sometime very early 2001. (no fair! I really liked them!) so far, there seems to be no word on what, if anything, the band members are doing now.

Goth visual rock, in the same vein as Madeth Gray'll and Misery. Strong and hard with lots of wild, screeching guitar, and this lovely melodic undertone. Always with a touch of sadness (and sometimes manicness) to the music. C-Rei's voice is beautifully dark and moody, to match his lyrics, and he has the most divine insane laugh. I'm addicted to his voice. They have one maxi single and have appeared on several compilation CDs.

Quite vibrant and fun to watch; C-Rei spends plenty of time down the front and loves to pose, just like a moody little goth. Ai is adorable and comes forward to play with the audience plenty, while Ramu holds himself somewhat distant with an aloof air. They also had a drummer when I saw them but I'm not sure if he was support or a new (however brief) member or what. ;^^

The classic very pretty, very feminine goth. All black and plenty of feathers, torn lace, and cool accessories. (C-Rei was wearing a black velvet priest's type robe which bared his back at the live... very, very cool!)

orugo-ru - a small Japanese fansite that's a part of a Laybial page. Unfortunately there's not a lot here, but I guess it's better than nothing. ;^^