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Probably the funnest band I have ever seen. ^_^ d.p.s (short for Dead Pop Stars) have been around for a long time; they first formed in 1992! And despite that, they've lost none of their zest for music or enjoyment of live events, and they still make damn good songs. Kenzi also has his fingers in many honeypots, as it were, and started the Anarchist Records label at the same time as starting d.p.s.. you can find his name as producer in many CDs and demotapes released under the label. ^_^
Their bassist, Seigo, left in February 2000 to form another band, ZIMA. (Which was a bad move on his part. ZIMA are worth missing.) Also, since September 2000, Hiromi has taken some kind of long-term absence from the band.. I am not sure when he'll be returning, but until then, d.p.s continue unperturbed, calling in all manner of guest guitarists (and bassists) at their live performances.

Hard rock/punk of the best kind. Very loud and thrashy and in your face; uncomplicated and making no apologies for being so. A lot of fun and very enjoyable to listen to when you're in an upbeat mood. They've released a total of six albums so far,as well as three singles and several videos.

Probably one of my all-time favourite live bands, these guys really know how to put on a show. Aki is vibrant, easy-going, and yet very in-your-face, down at the front and making sure at all times that everyone is having fun and joining in. Kenzi is the most psychotic drummer I've ever seen (I swear he's on something!) and you can tell he's really having a ball up there, what with all the laughing and interaction with the audience; he's one of the few drummers you simply cannot ignore, or take your eyes off for that matter. And he never wants to leave the stage at the end of the set. Currently they seem to be grabbing random bassists and guitarists from whoever is playing at the live they're at, and they always manage to pick fun people who get into the spirit of things just as much as they do. d.p.s has got the be the best band to mosh to.. they demand it and damn, it is so much fun! Definately see them if you get a chance.

Eclectically punk, making an effort to dress up as various dead pop stars, from what I can tell. ^_^ Kenzi has a fondness for pink knitwear (;;^^) but I forgive him 'cause he's so damn cute.

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