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Ryou (V) Akira (G) K (G) Bansaku (B) Yuuji (D)

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despite their newness as a band -- having only been around since mid last year -- baroque have quickly proven that they are worth taking notice of. With ex-kannivalism vocalist Ryou and guitarist K, as well as ex-Shiver guitarist Akira and ex-after effect bassist Bansaku on board, you know you're in for something good. And so far, they haven't disappointed in the slightest!

Very quirky and unusual. ^_^ Ryou has a wonderful voice, very unique, and he loves to do weird things with it -- all kinds of screeching and sqwuaking to totally freak you out, followed by solid crooning that makes you melt. I love the things he can do with his voice! The bass and drums drive this music along very well, with a very funky, swing-style of beat, and the frenicky guitars are scattered perfectly on top of that. I recommend baroque very much. They have one demotape and one minialbum so far, but make sure you order in advance -- their releases tend to sell out in pre-orders.

This is one band I really want to see live, damnit!

An interesting mishmash of cute and just plain weird. Ryou has taken his "am I cute or am I insane?" look from kannivalism and doubled it, and the rest of the band are following in his footsteps. I like it very much -- they look damn cool as well as weird and cute. ^_~

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