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Aliene Ma'riage

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One of the most unusual and totally weird bands in the scene. Even when they first began in early 1998, both their music and their visual style was very flamboyant and they have always stood apart from the rest. And they held true to this all throughout their career, uncompromising, unique, and amazingly cool. One of my all-time favourite bands.

Unfortunately Aliene Ma'riage decided to disband on May 11th, 2001. Another blow to the indies scene as we lost one of the best bands around. Mast went on to join Noir Fleurir, who then also disbanded soon after. ;^^ Kyoka has since joined a band called Cupid -- I'm waiting to hear more from them! There have been several rumours about Ray having joined various bands, but nothing concrete yet.

Indescribable. ^_^ Okay.. lots of heavy, screeching guitars overlaid by lots of heavy, screeching lyrics. Kyoka's voice has to be heard to be believed, because the kind of sounds he can convince his vocal chords to do are amazing. And then when he talks, or sings low and soft, the screeching madman is gone and you're being seduced. An amazing mix. Mast's guitarwork is somehow eerily, clearly melodic and yet manically distored at the same time, and Ray's bassline is always complex and neatly suiting, underlining the craziness. They have a couple of demotapes and singles available, as well as two albums, some videos, and even a book. Kyoka has also released a solo album.

Unfortunately I've never seen them live.. and now I guess I never will. ;^^

The ultimate in overblown, fanciful, victorian-esque goth, with a touch all their own. Very fancy, damn cool, and too hard to describe. See it for yourself in the gallery section. ^_^

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