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A surprising and very pleasing discovery. These guys kick much arse, and both their music and stage performance is very good and very worth getting into. They're also quite a friendly bunch and have a very loyal following of fans. And they like foreigners. (Always a good thing. ^_^) I'm very fond of this band.

Unfortunately Bishop have now also disbanded. I've been told that they may be unlikely to return to the music scene in other bands, so I guess we'll have to wait and see if any of them do or not. ;^^

A very bass driven, funky sound, with some electronic effects mixed in that really heighten the mood. Yoshihito has a smooth, strong voice and Yoshiyuki's guitar can be pretty wild sometimes. Junzo bassline moves everything along with a skill that is impressively good. I'm not sure what releases they have available, but you can download many samples from their website. (listed below)

Very cool. Junzo is the charmer of this band, with his endearing smile and engaging presence, always looking at the crowd and drawing them into the performance. Yoshihito is cool and gorgeous, stalking the stage, making love to his mic stand (^_^) and Yoshiyuki is a little demon, bouncing around and looking like he's having the best time of his life. A really enjoyable band to watch.

Dressed down visual; Junzo is the most flashy of the three, with more makeup and odd hairstyles, more unusual layering of pvc and leather and torn fishnets. The other two go more for the typical tight leather and fancy shirts, with a little bit of flare thrown in. (See Yoshiyuki's Priss-like facepaint, for example. ^_^)

Worldwide Bishop - the official Bishop website! Very cool, with profiles, info, and even video and music samples! They also have an English version (though done with translation software ;^^) and a BBS which Junzo himself often posts on. ^_^
BISHOP - a Japanese fansite with some info, interviews, live reports, and more.