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Crecian de Rona

Shiren (V) Masuo (G) ELL (G) Kisaragi (B) Masami (D)

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Apparently around since late 1999, these guys were too busy working the live scene to release much of their music.. which is a shame, because it's damn good music. Visual to the max, with hard rocking songs that suit perfectly.

Unfortunately Crecian de Rona have also succumbed to the evil breakup disease that plagues the indies scene. So I guess we won't hear much else from them. ;^^ ELL went on to join the band 'R', who have also since disbanded. I'm not sure what any of them are doing now, though.

Hard visual rock, strong and energetic; it's hard to imagine such a strong voice coming from the petite figure of Shiren, but he has a deep, full sound and some good screams in him as well. Recommended. They have 2 tracks on the Hysteric Media Zone compilation CD, and I've heard they have another track on another compilation, but I don't know which one.

Unfortunately I only caught the last half of one of their sets, but nevertheless I found them very enjoyable; the whole band are quite aggressively forward, working the fans as best they can, moving constantly about the stage, full of energy. I admit to having my eyes on Kisaragi for most of the time, though.. he has cheekbones to die for. ;^_^

This is where all their hard-earned money goes, I'm sure, and it's worth the effort; dolled up and eye-catching, with all the goth/visual scene trappings, they make a stunning sight, especially with all that brightly coloured long hair they fling around. Beautiful just to look at. ^_^