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Earl Grey

Yukito (V) Zill (G) Mika (Syn G) Yu~Go (D)

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Apparently Earl Grey have been around since 1998, but it's only in the last year, particularly after joining Matina's Eternal label, that they've started really making a name for themselves. With a dark, melodious style of music and some gorgeous faces to match, these guys hold plenty of promise for the future.

Hekiru, the bassist, has left the band as of April. I have no idea of the whys or hows of this, just that he's left. ;^^

Classic Matina style.. if you like Matina bands, you will like these guys, 'cause they do it well. Yukito's singing voice is strong and clear, and his speaking and screaming voices are particularly nice; I could listen to him over and over again. (Oh wait, I do. ;^^) The guitars are strong and melodic, very in your face with some lovely riffs, and the music jumps from haunting to manic and back again in the coolest of ways. Recommended! My current obsession. ^^ They have released a demotape, a maxi single and a mini album so far, and have appeared on several omnibus CDs.

I have yet to see Earl Grey live.. but I certainly hope to!

They also go for the classic Matina goth look; very pretty and dark and moody. Black and tight-fitting with lots of lace, buckles, feathers in odd places, and gorgeous long hair in a variety of vibrant colours. I love it.. they look gorgeous!

I haven't found any sites yet.. I wish I could find one! ;^^