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I know little about this band, but I know I really like them, and that's enough for me. Although some of their costume choices leave a little to be desired, their brand of music is funky and damn cool, and they know how to play up to an audience.

Skull have now disbanded (damnit!) after their oneman live on May 6th, 2001. Akira has gone on to join ICONO CLASM and Arata and Hiroki have joined k@mikaze. (you can find samples of both these band's music in the random music section.)

A great blend of funk and groove, very bass-driven and very easy to really get into. Always a little off-beat, always a little odd, and Akira's voice is smooth and slick, melting straight over the top to join everything together perfectly. Definately recommended. They have a couple of demotapes available, as well as having appeared on several omnibus CDs.

A lot of fun. Akira loves to work the crowd, and with his costume choices that bare plenty of chest, there's certainly no-one complaining when he's right down the front crooning at you. Arata and Tomozo are both hyperactive and love to gesture and play with the crowd, as well as swap places constantly onstage. Jun, in retrospect, is quite shy, and stays up the back for the most part, but he creeps forward occasionally and pouts at the girls, who adore him for his cute little smile and almost completely bare legs.

A bit of a mishmash of styles, these guys; sort of hardcore industro-punk with touches of cute and touches of just plain weird. Akira and Jun have the best sense of style (and best sense of which body parts to leave revealed ^_^) and Tomozo could stand to lose the constantly present gasmask. All over, not too bad, but there's room for improvement.

Skull - a Japanese only fansite, with some cool pics from their older days, and plenty of other information.