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Jui (V) Ayano (G) Yukine (G) Rame (B) Tero (D)

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vidoll are a very new Matina band, only having started activities in May this year. But already they are gaining quite a following, and it's hardly a surprise why -- with their gorgeously dark and grotesque look and their manic, twisted music to match, they're easily captivating, and hold a hell of a lot of promise to go far. I know I fell in love from the very first listen. ^^

vidoll will appear on the Matina 1997 - 2002 omnibus, due to be released February 14th. They also have two new maxi singles due to be released on March 14th.

Dark, moody gothic rock, with a mild touch of funk or jazz to it, mostly in the bass. vidoll are another band who've taken the classic Matina style and added their own twisted edge to it to make it unique. Jui has a lovely voice, equally suited to crooning and screaming; he's a delight to listen to. Rame is one hell of a bassist, and it's the unusual basslines that really drive this music and make it so frenetically catchy. The twining guitars, at once manic and gravelly and sweet and melodic, make for quite a sound. So far, they have released two mini albums.

I've heard some great things about Vidoll live; I wish I could see for myself.

Going for the grotesque gothic style, these guys are all about dark and twisted and bloody. Lots of black (of course!) and lots of blood. And might I say they've made it look fantastic.