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KENGO (V) TAKA (G) Yoshino (G) Masato (B) KOHEY (D)

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A fairly fresh, fairly popular band on the indies scene, Sigma deliver solid, rocking music and good visuals along with in-your-face stage action that has earned them a very devoted set of followers. Formely known as Kamen, and originally having 4 members, these guys are definately worth taking notice of.

Unfortunately, Sigma have disbanded; their last live was on May 12th, 2001. So far I have not turned up any information about what the members are doing now, but I'll keep trying to find out.

Though not as unique or well-crafted as some of the bands on the scene, Sigma nevertheless write good, strong hard rock music that is great to headbang to. Kengo could do with a few voice lessons (but then couldn't they all? ;^^) but is quite a good singer. My only complaint is that they can get a little repetative at times, but I still quite enjoy their music. Apparently they have 3 demotapes available, though it's hard to find out much information about these.

Crazy, vibrant, and a must-see if you happen to be in Japan. Kengo is a vivid personality, determined to get as much attention from the audience as he gives, and has been known to crowd dive on occasion. He has a lovely smile and works his fans in a way that really makes you want to get into the music along with him. Taka, too, is quite wild onstage and runs all over the place, inciting action wherever he goes. Yoshino is the 'cool' one, with the smooth expression and affected disdain. Masato has a charming maniacal grin, almost as much bounce as Taka, and is very personable and very fun. And Kohey is cute and fluffy-looking and goes a little crazy behind those drums.

A nice mismatch of kimonos, goth-wear, and the lolita look. They do a slightly offbeat version of the kimonos-gone-modern look, which suits them really nicely, and looks really good up there onstage. A worthy effort that I really like, particularly Kengo's shoulder-baring outfit.