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Blam Honey

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Blam Honey are an industrial rock group who have been around since 1995, I believe. Between Tatsuya and Ryonai, they create something amazingly unique that I have to keep coming back to for more. These guys remain one of my favourite random finds, because they constantly surprise and delight me with their originality.
Ryonai also has a side project called Suppurate System, who make ambient music (which is also very cool) and visual accessories which apparently are popular among many j-rock artists, including Mana and Kozi of Malice Mizer, Yukito of Raphael, and Kaoru of Dir en grey.

Dark, industrial, experimental rock. Definately deserving to be played loud. Very unusual and unique; if you're a goth or industrial fan, I highly recommend. Not for everyone but musically these guys are amazingly talented and deserve a lot more recognition than they get. They've so far released a maxi single, a mini album, and a full length album.

I've not had the good fortune to see them live yet, but I hope to one day.

S & M, hardcore and uncompromising. Plenty of leather, fishnets, plenty of spikes and metal, plenty of bondage ideas. They have an image to uphold and they do it to the utmost. And I love it. ^_^

Blam Honey - a Japanese only fansite with discography, information, live reviews, etc. Pretty cool. ^_^
CYBERCHIC - Tatsuya's official website. ^^
Suppurate System - the official website of Ryonai's side project. (seems to have vanished.. ;^^)