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Mako (V) Aie (G) Takamasa (B) Toki (D)

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deadman formed from the ashes of kein and Lamiel -- Mako, Aie, and Yukino (the original bassist, who left in April 2001) are all ex-kein members, Toki is ex-Lamiel, and Aie was also once in Lamiel. The magic of those two great bands has created something quite unique and and amazing in deadman -- these guys haven't disappointed me yet and I don't expect them to!

deadman are releasing a new full length album on March 8th called no alternative.

If you were ever a fan of kein, listen to some deadman asap. ^^ the cool brand of music and gorgeous voice of Mako has carried across into deadman, modified and made even cooler in the process. really, Mako has just the most divine voice (I could go on about it for hours) and the funky, hard, slightly twisted style of music that flows underneath it is perfect and perfectly suited. I highly, highly recommend deadman. so far they have two maxi-singles and one album.

now this is a band I really wish I could see live.

understated visual -- mostly all black, sleek and smooth cut, close fitting suits or similar, with an odd accessory here or there to stand out. somehow, these guys look really good doing just that.

deadman information web - deadman's official website, with information, discography, live schedule, and a few other things. needs more pictures! ^_~
sakura to ame - rin's very cool deadman site with plenty of info, a discography, images, mp3s, and much more. go here. ^^