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schellen have been around since July 2000 -- originally they were called sarii, and quickly made a name for themselves, proving from the start to have talent and charisma. In May 2002 they changed their name to schellen, and their bassist Mutsuki changed his name to Kichi. (I have no idea why they did either of these things, though. ;^^ If anyone can enlighten me, please do!) But name changes or no, these guys are addictive.

Their own brand of gothic visual rock; hard and uncompromising with this cool funky underlining sound to it that really makes it get stuck in your head. Erina has some really unusual and cool guitarwork happening, and Hina's voice has this lovely honey sound to it, with a slight harsh edge to it that makes him sound more than a little insane. (And very, very nice to listen to.) I definately recommend schellen. They have released three demotapes and one single so far, and have appeared on several omnibus CDs.

I've never seen these guys live myself, though from the Matina Prelude 3 video they look like a lot of fun. ^^

Downstated visual with a good touch of goth, particularly Hina; black and white are their colours, their outfits close-fitting, buckled and collared, with simply defined lines. A flair of elegance. Hina also likes to bare a bit of skin, which is definately nice. ^_^

Trauma - Schellen Official Site - this site was originally a very cool fansite and is now a very cool official site. ^_^ There's tons of info and pictures. Make sure you go to the members section (third link in the menu) for some really gorgeous photos!
tsumiki asobi - another Japanese fansite, this is text only, so don't visit if you can't read Japanese. But there's some cool stuff here, like set lists for all their shows, and interviews from magazines typed up.