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Dué le quartz

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The darlings of the indies - Dué le quartz have been the movers and shakers of the scene for a long time, with one hell of a fanbase.

Dué le quartz have now, sadly, disbanded as of September, 2002. Miyabi has gone on to start a solo career, with the name of Miyavi. It is unsure, as yet, what the other members are doing.

Hard rock with an edge of the melodic, and sometimes the manic, as well as this great underlying rhythm that's somehow very cheeky-sounding. Miyabi is one of the most talented guitarists on the scene today, and he also knows how to write really good music. And he has a great screaming voice for backup vocals! Sakito's voice can be hit and miss at times, but he is improving constantly, and his vocal style is suited to the music. Definately worth trying! They have several mini-albums, maxi-singles and videos available. There's also random demotapes and videos that were available only at lives, and two Miyabi-only photobooks.

Boy, do these guys know how to put on a show! They've been running the indies circuit a long time, and they've learnt what the fans like. There's a lot of crowd interaction, plenty of chance to scream and throw yourself at the stage, and plenty of chance to touch the boys. ^_^ Sakito is absolutely endearing, full of charisma and charm, and the sweetest smile imaginable. Miyabi has the 'cool, calm and collected' persona, and really knows how to work the crowd with it. Kikasa seems shy yet smiles alot and still likes to play with the girls. And Kazuki is stuck behind his drums, poor boy.

Dué le quartz know the worth of looking their best, and they put a lot of effort into their costumes. So they always look good, with plenty of body hugging leather, pvc, straps, collars, spikes, sparkly stuff, the works! Always dark and sensual looking.

Dué le quartz official site - yay! definately worth checking out for the photography section alone. *drowns in drool*
... shall we dance? - Luthien's comprehensive Dué le quartz site, with plenty of information about the band, as well as a lot of their music to sample. Since she has so much information up and easily accessible, I won't put as much here. Visit her site! ^_^