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FUMI (V) Kunito (G) Naoya (B) NATSU (D)

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Again, a band I know very little about, but was very pleasantly surprised by. While not visual by any definition of the word, these guys kicked some serious arse live, and are impressive musicians, with strong music. Not normally my style, but they convinced me they were worth it. ^_^ Naoya is formerly of Stella Maria, and NATSU was once a member of wyse.

It seems Crunch have also disbanded, as of March, 2002. So far no word on what the members are going to do next.

A more upbeat style of rock, with a good, strong driving edge to the guitar. Fumi's voice has a sweetened edge to it, a lot more lyrical and higher pitched than your average indies rock band. All in all, decent music worth listening to. Although I admit I like it better live than recorded. ^_^ They have two demotapes available so far.

Full of energy. These guys are very bouncy and vibrant, and even when the audience is paying them no heed, they'll still put on a great show, giving it all they've got. Fumi is very in your face, and Kunito is the most adorable thing you've ever seen.. he photographs very poorly, but in person he's lovely to look at and brimming with charisma.

Young and fresh, they sport the typical rock outfits, of jeans, shorts, brand shirts, etc. Not visual at all, but cute all the same.

moonside - Japanese only fansite with member info, discography, live schedule, etc.