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Lively and vivid, these boys worked the visual scene aggressively from late 1997 until mid 2002, and it's easy to see why they were popular. Their music is catchy and well-written, and they have their own unusual style that makes them stand out and be noticed. Easily appealing to many; I'm damn fond of them.

Phobia have now officially disbanded as of May 1st. (I'm still in shock. ;^^ Phobia were one of my first indies obsessions..) Kisui has gone on to start a solo project, called Kisui Solo Project. ^^ Eika and Kaede have both been involved in this project so far, along with many other indies artists, such as Iori and Hibiki from Blast, Aie and Toki from Deadman, and Hizumi from DéspairsRay. (You can find samples of the music in the random section.)

A combination of funky and psychotic. Upbeat at all times, sometimes with an edge of cheer, other times hysteria. Kisui's voice is lovely and ringing, resounding, with a sweet falsetto at times, and he has a fine voice for screaming when the fancy takes him as well. Eika's guitar wails and moans, clearly defined and strong. Definately recommended. They have released several singles, two mini albums, and two full length albums.

I wish I'd had the chance to see them live..

Ranging from very visual to down-stated visual to almost casual off-the-rack wear. Kisui is the most visual of the lot, prefering more makeup and vivid hair colours than the others, as well as always wearing something off-beat. I'm not hugely fond of their more 'casual' styles, but when they do visual or visual-esque, they do it gorgeously.

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