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Misery formed in July, 2000 and have been working the live scene aggresively ever since. Originally, the lineup consisted of Kanai, Tomo, Yura, Madoka, and Nao, but everyone except Kanai left around March/April of 2001, leaving Kanai with a bandname and nothing more. Fortunately, he managed to find replacement members for all of them, and Misery are once more going strong, although with the complete lineup change their music has also changed somewhat.

Madoka and Tomo, who left Misery mid last year, have surfaced in a new indies band called Ryuujin -- Tomo still on guitar, but Madoka switching to vocals. (You can find samples of their music in the random music section.) Yura, who also left Misery last year, is now in the band Kilah.

Hard gothic visual rock. Think Madeth Gray'll with more screaming. These guys hold promise; Kanai's vocals are strong, and his screams have to be heard to be believed. Their earlier music is dark, hard and very cool, but their later stuff (new lineup) has calmed down and softened somewhat. So far they have two demotapes available, one featuring the old lineup, and one the new.

Psycho boys, especially Kanai, who's very in your face and determined to work the audience to the max. Unfortunately both times I saw them, their set was very brief; in fact, the second time, they only got to perform one song. ;^^ But despite that, they all put their all into the performance, as if the stage was theirs alone and everyone was there to see them. I really enjoyed them and I definately recommend them to anyone.

Very dark, very goth style of costumes; mostly black, with studs, safety pins, torn lace and fishnets, extreme facemasks, and those cool black feathery things. They put a hell of a lot of effort into their costumes, and it really shows.

Glam Japan - Cameron's site has several reviews of Misery live, complete with some really nice live pics of the boys giving their all.