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Another of my surprising and very pleasing discoveries. Mesumerian are very funky and cool, and an oddity of sorts amidst the typical visual bands of the indies scene. A part of the Anarchist records family, and working under Kenzi of d.p.s, these guys are strong and fun and hopefully will go far.

According to the Anarchist Records 4 omnibus, the lineup for mesumerian is now: Yellow on vocals, O-yoh on guitar, Cö on bass, and N-Shi on support drums. But the singer still sounds like Nov, and the picture of them in the CD is too obscure to recognise anyone. Did they all rename themselves in a fit of amusement? If anyone knows the story, please let me know!

A very funky brand of hard rock, with a good solid bassline and some neat electronic effects mixed in. Nov has a strong, raw voice, which is sometimes hidden under some really cool distortion effects, and sometimes loud and clear, both working very nicely together. Currently, they have one demotape, and one mini-album. Try them! Very cool!

Definately plenty of fun. When they walked onstage, my first reaction was "what the hell?!", because they were all dressed in strange silver outfits, and wore silly silver masks over their faces. But then they started playing and I totally forgot about it. Even live, their music is solid and driving, and not long into the set, they dropped their face masks.. after that, it was even cooler. ^_^ Nov has a very forceful stage presence, which I really like, and Oyoh is a psycho, dancing around, bumping into other band members, and generally having a wild time. He's very fun to watch. Ko-suke seems quite shy in comparison.. he was the last to lose his mask, and I think it was accidental that it came off at all. But he's really good-looking, which makes up for a lot. ^_~

Going for the cyber edge, they wear all silver outfits, and silver facepaint as well at times. They also like wire and other metal accessories, including twisting it into their hair. Overall, very different, and very cool.

mesumerian - a Japanese page with some basic information about the band, and the most adorable earlier days photo of them. Nov-kun kawaii yo!