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Gara (V) Yuu (G) Kenichi (G) Tetsu (B) Nero (D)

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merry have been around since late 2001, and have very quickly become very popular on the indies scene -- no surprise, really, considering how good they are! An odd mix of ex-after effect members Gara and Nero, ex-Shiver guitarist Yuu, ex-Syndrome guitarist Kenichi, and ex-ACiD bassist Tetsu, they have pooled their diverse talents together to create something quite amazing.

A wonderful brand of dark, aggresive rock, with touches of that melodic Shiver style (thanks Yuu!) overlaid by Gara's beautiful, deep voice. Though their style changes a fair bit from song to song, each song is uniquely merry and uniquely amazing! I highly, highly recommend merry -- they haven't disappointed me yet. so far they have one maxi-single available.

Definately a must-see, I am sure of that..

To match the dark, moody style of their music, merry generally dress in black suits with very messed-up, smeary makeup and occasional smeared 'blood'. And they make it look really, really cool.

merry official website - very cool and weird and fun to visit.
black sheep - Yuuya's amazing merry site. if you want merry, go here. this site is way cool and has everything you could possibly want!