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Yuzuki (V) Shiki (G) Kayu (B) Shigure (D)

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Beata are a fairly unknown indies band, roaming the indies circuit for awhile; they had a moderately sized following, most of whom I think were there for Yuzuki. As a frontman, Yuzuki is brimming with charisma and energy, and I believe he was the true driving force behind this band. He's also super-friendly and sweet offstage. ^_^ I'm very, very fond of him!

Beata have disbanded after their last live on December 5th, 2001. Shiki and Shigure have gone on to join Loon Eye's Millyie -- no word on the other two yet. (Yuzuki, where are you?)

Their music is the typical style of visual kei; fairly hard rock, with strong emphasis on guitar and vocals that jump between crooning and screaming. Musically, they're not the best I have heard, to be honest. They still have quite a way to go. However they have a couple of very solid, hard songs that get the fans going nuts, and Yuzuki has a fairly strong voice; his voice is particularly suited to the screaming types of songs, where he really shines.

A lot of fun, and purely for Yuzuki interaction. ^_^ As mentioned before, he's very vibrant and lively, and watching him onstage is delightful. Half the fun, in fact, is seeing if you can make him laugh and break his 'cool' exterior.. it's pretty easy to do. He's very personable onstage, which I think partly explains the number of fans they have. In retrospect, the other band members are very quiet, and hardly interact with the audience at all.. I only wish they were more lively.

A lot of effort goes into Beata's outfits. Currently, their look is the traditional-with-a-touch-of-modern style; that is, kimonos and samurai-wear with more modern materials and accessories. Previously, they did the uniform look for quite some time, and have also been known to do the blood-spattered patient look.. I think they're fashion victims of the visual scene, following the latest trends. ^_~ But they do it with style!

Beata official site - yay! I just wish it worked properly in Netscape too. But it's a start, with some basic info, live schedule, and the like.
Mousou Chuudoku - Mo~So~'s unofficial Beata site. Plenty of information.. check it out! ^^