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A very vibrant and popular band in the indies scene. Originally named Crow and under the Key Party label, they renamed to Kagrra and moved to PS Company mid 2000 and since then have had overwhelming success. Unique amidst the ever copycat indies scene, with unusual music and a solid stage presence, this is definately a band to keep an eye on.

Melodic dark rock with a touch of goth.. I don't know. Kagrra are hard to define. But amazingly good and leaving you wanting more. Akiya writes most of the songs, and plays a mean guitar, and Isshi has a divine voice.. including the loveliest falsetto I've heard in a long time, which he knows how to use in the right places. I highly, highly recommend Kagrra. They have released two demotapes, four singles, and three mini albums.

Always a stunning performance, these guys hold the stage with style. Isshi is an amazing presence, a serene beauty who floats around with more grace and elegance than any man has a right to have, and leads the crowd with his flamboyant hand gestures. In the midst of their crowd-pleaser song, he leans over the crowd, as poised as ever, and then opens his mouth to scream "ai yai yai yai yai!" like some psychotic, wailing banshee. Truly a sight to behold. Akiya is a little demon, impish and grinning as he vaults about the stage gleefully, while Shin holds his calm and looks as cool as you could imagine, before he too leaps into the waiting crowd. Nao stands back and watches with a smile, yet is quick to join the antics if given a chance. And even Izumi is having fun back there behind the drums.

Apparently, the word 'kagura' (which is how 'Kagrra' is pronounced) is some sort of traditional Japanese style dance, and the costumes of the band reflect this traditional idea, with flamboyant kimonos and accessories straight from Japanese culture. But all with a modern twist; materials including leather and fishnet, buckles and collars, plus bright red and blue hair and a flair of unusual makeup. Kagrra put as much effort into their look as their music, and it's worth every yen spent.

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