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Blast are a relatively new band, having only formed mid last year, but all the members are old hands on the music scene - Yuina, Iori and Hiderou are all ex-Lamiel members, and previous to that, Yuina was in Lustair and Iori was in Phobia. Plus Hibiki is an ex-kein member. And they're really, really cool. ^^ Just ask the Japanese fans -- their very first demotape sold out in pre-orders!

An interesting mix of straight rock, an edge of funk, and something rather cheeky sounding. I really like Blast, but I have a lot of trouble describing them. Yuina has a very strong, very lovely voice, and he has a great yell on him as well. Iori is one of my favourite guitarists, I love how hard he can make anything sound. ^^ And Hiderou's bassline is funky and fast and cool. They have released one demotape and one mini-album so far.

haven't seen them live yet..

Laidback visual, opting for the black suits with the emphasis being on their wild hair (particularly Iori's ^_~) and brooding faces and eyes. I think they do it really nicely, too.

Blast Official Site - open since April 2002 and really cool! Lots of info, profiles, gallery, the works.