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Shinobu (V) Mai (G) Zero (B) Natsuki (D)

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Hard and wild, these guys were a great presence on the scene, with strong music and a strong live act to match it. Very aggresive and wild onstage, they captivated and caught the attention of many a fan. (And foreigner. ^_^)

It seems the rumours are true, and Girotin have indeed disbanded. Mai has gone on to join As'ReaL, and Zero changed his name to Rei and became a guitarist for Kar'MariA, but he has since left them as well.

Strong, vibrant rock with a slightly dark edge, and a good dose of healthy screaming. Shinobu has a very strong voice, well suited to what he does, and the music mixes well to form something you can really go nuts to. Recorded, these guys are even more impressive than live. The have two demotapes available, and one omnibus appearance.

Psychotic and vicious, they like to get to front of the stage and never look back. They also are very proud of the fact that they all have tongue piercings, and they like showing them off. ^_^ Shinobu knows how to prowl the stage, inciting the fans to riot, and Mai and Zero are a smooth working team, coolly switching places (and occasionally instruments!) and doing their own job of working the crowd up. Natsuki is one wild drummer and is obviously having a ball back there, with a big grin on his face and a crazy attitude.

All but one of the times I saw them, Girotin had adopted the Nazi-uniform look, which they actually pull off really well. Their suits are nicely designed and give them that extra hard edge they are looking for. (And Shinobu's boots are really nice.) The last time I saw them, they had gone for the visual goth look, all black and leather, pvc and fishnets, feathery things and collars. And damn, it looked good! Obviously making an effort with their costumes, and it's definately appreciated.

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