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A short summary:

In a futuristic world, Jintesh is about as cynical as they come; he hates people, hates life, and the only thing he cares about is the games he creates. Then he meets Krispin - a wild, carefree boy who makes the most out of everything he does.. including being friends with Jintesh. Can Jintesh really learn to care about people again? Or is Krispin's wildness too much for him to take?

Please note: I originally took this fic down with the intent of getting it published. However, after much soul searching, I have decided that I prefer sharing it (and now its sequels!) with the people who loved it. I am focusing my publishing efforts elsewhere. (^ ^)

Also, I still consider this whole trilogy a work in progress. I am still working on improving it (slowly but surely ^ ^) and you can expect that it may change in future. If you have any comments, I'd certainly like to hear them -- interaction with the people who love these stories has contributed hugely towards shaping them into what they are today!

And a last comment: this fic is dedicated to the wonderfully inspirational Evol Siren.

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This fic is © Cassiel Kelner. Do not steal, please!
This fic was started: June, 1998.
And was finished: 2nd June, 1999.