sensually scrawled

The ratings:
mellow - nothing shocking
lime - hints of sexual acts
lemon - graphic sexual acts

don't go further than you dare!

Quiet - anime; a Trigun fic. lemon.

Untraditional Dance - j-rock; Sakito (Due Le Quartz) / Isshi (Kagrra). lemon.

Nobody - game; a Final Fantasy 7 fic. lime.

Lonely - manga; a Jiraishin fic. On hold. Coming one day, I swear!

Standard disclaimers:
These pieces are all works of fiction.
The characters used don't belong to me - they belong to the artists who created them.
Please don't sue me, I'm poor, I just love these characters very much. ^^

All fics © Cassiel Kelner. Do not steal, please!
All characters © their respective owners.
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