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Standard disclaimers: this is a work of fiction. These are real people and I'm sure they're good little boys and would never do this in real life. (Though if they do, I want to watch!) Sorry, Sakito, Isshi. You know I love you.
This is my first attempt at writing a j-rock fic. This fic was inspired by the Due Le Quartz and Kagrra live I went to on Xmas Day; during the Due Le Quartz set, they got Kagrra to come out on stage again to drive the fans wild. (Or something.) Sakito and Isshi held hands and grinned at each other in the cutest manner, and my dirty little mind just went WHAM! Fic was born.
If you have no idea what these guys look like, go here to see a really nice pic of the two of them together. (Sakito is in black, Isshi in white.)
This fic is for Bron, Lu-chan (your fault Sakito's costume is broken!), Mo~So~ (stop cracking that whip already!), and Loreley even if she has no idea why. ^_^

Untraditional Dance
by Cassiel Kelner

Sakito stood backstage, watching in fascination as Isshi cavorted about the tiny stage. The Kagrra singer was so full of grace and poise.. he never faltered, never looked unsure, and seemed almost completely unmindful of the girls throwing themselves desperately at the stage just to try and touch him.

So composed and charming, and then he'd lean forward and scream like a banshee, "Ai yai yai yai yai!" And the already crazed girls would lose control completely. Sakito shook his head with a grin, and an idle thought popped into his head. <I wonder if he screams like that when he comes.>

Sakito blinked; the thought was so loud and seemingly out of nowhere. He felt a blush rising, and glanced quickly at the other band members, but they paid him no attention; Miyabi was fussing with eyeliner in front of a mirror, forever the perfectionist, Kazuki was tapping out a rhythm on the nearest table with his drumsticks, and Kikasa was carefully reattaching a piece of circuitry to the front of his costume.

Sakito looked back out at Isshi; they'd been friends a long time, but he'd never really thought about the other singer like that before. Or had he? How could he not? Looking at that beautiful creature prancing around on stage the way he did.. now that the thought was conciously in his mind, it was hard to look at him in any other way.

Isshi turned, suddenly, and his eyes met Sakito's. A small grin crept across his face, as if he knew what Sakito was thinking, and the Due Le Quartz singer found himself blushing again as Isshi walked towards him. He took a step backwards before he realised that the other Kagrra members were headed his way as well.. their performance was over and they were leaving the stage, was all. He stepped out of their way, laughing internally. As if Isshi could read his thoughts.

"You like to watch, huh?" Isshi was next to him, whispering in his ear, and Sakito only just managed to stop himself from jerking away in surprise. He grabbed ahold of his fleeing poise and managed a smirk for Isshi.

"Only when it involves you, I-sama," he twisted his voice into falsetto, mocking the girls in the audience who screamed "I-sama! I-sama!" at every quiet second during the Kagrra set, and Isshi laughed at him.

"Gonna throw yourself at my feet too?" Isshi winked and then was gone before he'd even opened his mouth to respond. He made rude gestures in the direction of Isshi's retreating back, and heard Miyabi laughing behind him.

"You'll never best him, Sa-chan. C'mon, let's set up. Can't you hear those girls out there begging for our attention?"

Whether it was Isshi's influence or just Due Le Quartz's popularity rising, Sakito didn't know, but the audience was crazy that night. And he and his band members responded in kind, working them up, getting in close, letting themselves be fondled and caressed by all those anonymous hands.. there was nothing that worked your ego up better than a roomful of young girls all screaming your name and trying desperately to get their hands on you.

As they whipped into the final song, driving the girls to practically leap onto the stage, Sakito felt eyes on him from behind, and he turned instinctively. Isshi's eyes.. the Kagrra singer was watching him from backstage, just as he'd watched earlier. That knowing smile graced Isshi's pretty mouth again, and Sakito felt his own lips curving into an answering grin. He looked at the crazy girls, then back at Isshi, and beckoned to him.

Isshi's smile widened, and he turned slightly to one side; it was only then that Sakito saw the other Kagrra members gathered around him - Akiya, Shin, Nao and Izumi. Isshi was looking at Akiya now, and the guitarist's smile was wicked. With a cheerful yell, he launched himself across the stage and into the crowd, followed closely by Shin. But Sakito could only stare at Isshi, as the singer moved across the stage towards him, eyes never leaving his, dark and staring right into him.

Isshi's hand slipped into his, and then the Kagrra singer turned to face the audience, and raised his free hand, waving it in time to the music. The response from the girls was all but defeaning.

Sakito laughed, and held the microphone up to Isshi, letting him lead the girls in the next round of crazed stage-leaping.

And as the girls reached up to grab them, screaming and singing along, they looked at each other, and Sakito forgot about everything else around him for the briefest of moments, caught by the strength of Isshi's gaze, by the burning emotions he could not read in those beautiful eyes.

Then the frenetic music intruded again, and he found himself grinning foolishly at the singer. Isshi grinned back at him, a mischeivous grin, and then pushed him straight into the outstretched hands begging to touch him.

"Bastard." Sakito laughed to himself, sitting in front of the mirror in his tiny hotel room, trying to untangle the mess that was his hair. He could still picture it, the satisfied smile on Isshi's face when Sakito had finally managed to crawl his way back out of the fans and onto the stage again.

His costume was broken in at least two places, he was sure. And he'd had to wear it all the way back to the hotel -- they all had -- thanks to the livehouse being so small that it didn't have anywhere for them to get changed, or even remove their makeup.

He'd tried to talk to Isshi on the bus, afterwards, but the singer had been firmly wedged between Akiya and Izumi, both demanding his attention, and Sakito had resigned himself to close examination of his broken garter elastic instead.

He examined himself critically in the mirror, then sighed, giving up on his hair for now, and reaching for the makeup remover. Now where did he put those cotton balls? He began rummaging through the bag sitting at his feet, as he moved to put the bottle back on the small bench in front of him.

"Let me do that." Strong fingers took the bottle from his hand, and he yelped in surprise, spinning around on his seat, almost falling to the floor. Isshi stood in front of him, grinning, the bottle of remover in one hand, in the other a handful of cotton balls.

"Shit. Don't do that to me." Sakito placed a hand over his suddenly pounding heart, and shook his head in mock-disdain at the Kagrra singer.

"Oh, you know you like it." Isshi kneeled in front of him, too close, and he flinched.

"Sit still, you big baby. You wanted to see me, didn't you?" Isshi smirked at him, and he stared back, at the beautiful too-pale face, at the deep black eyes that always seemed to know what he was thinking, at the graceful lips pulled into that knowing, amused expression, at the soft hair coiled up in two demon-like horns, now slowly unravelling and starting to tumble in fraying curls around his shoulders.

Isshi was still in most of his costume, the white kimono-like outfit that bared his shoulders and the wide obi that enclosed his waist. His shoes had been discarded, but his legs were still stocking-clad.

"Did you even bother to stop and breathe before you came in here to take ten years off my life?" Sakito wondered, and Isshi laughed, wiping makeup remover gently across Sakito's cheek.

"I was right though, wasn't I?"

"... yes." Sakito had to concede to that. He wanted to talk to Isshi, and Isshi always seemed to know this and seek him out.

"You see. I always know when you want me." Isshi's touch was satin smooth on his skin, even with the slight sting of the makeup remover, and Sakito grinned at the meaning behind those words.

"Are you really so sure of that?" he asked, and Isshi's dark eyes raised to meet his, knowing laughter reflected in them.

"Oh, I'm sure." The smallest of smirks graced his lips, and he leaned forward, his face uncomfortably close, so that Sakito could see every fleck of colour in his eyes, so that every single eyelash was defined clearly. He took a sudden breath, aware of Isshi's warm body still kneeling between his legs, of Isshi's left hand resting unneccessarily high on his thigh.

"Close your eyes." Isshi breathed against him, and he blinked several times.

"What?" If the Kagrra singer was playing with him, he sure knew what the hell he was doing.

"Close your eyes. Or do you want to sleep in eyeshadow?"

"N- no." Sakito closed his eyes, reluctantly. Those earlier thoughts had sure gone to his head. He tried to calm the arousal growing slowly inside him.

"Thank you." A soft cotton ball rubbed smoothly across one eye. Used to the feel from his own previous, countless makeup removals, he sat unmoving. But what pressed against his other eye was not a cold, damp cotton ball. It was soft, gently caressing, warm.

Isshi's lips. This time he jerked back in surprise, his eyes startled into opening. And found himself face to face with Isshi's knowing gaze again, this time with more than just laughter in his expression.

"Isshi.." he managed to whisper, before Isshi's lips took control of the situation again, this time pressing firmly against his own, swallowing whatever he might have said, if he could've thought of anything.

Isshi's mouth devoured him, the singer's tongue slipping between his lips and seeking out his own tongue, and Sakito's desire washed through him, suddenly released from the hold he'd been trying to put on it. His hands reached out, grabbing for Isshi, wrapping around him, finding themselves enfolded in thick obi material.

Isshi kicked the stool out from under him, and abruptly he found himself on the floor, half kneeling on Isshi. He looked at the smudged red lipstick on the singer's face and laughed softly.

"You were right. You do know." Sakito pulled at the material of the obi, until it untied at the back and came free, falling in puddles of cloth at Isshi's sides. The Kagrra singer looked up at him, shook his head slightly, and then reached for him, pulling Sakito forward again into a kiss, and Sakito found himself light-headed at the urgency in Isshi's lips, at the thrill that coursed through him straight to his groin as Isshi suckled on his lower lip, tugging it teasingly with his teeth.

Smooth fingers were twining themselves in Sakito's hair, running down his back lightly, sliding along the two inches of thigh bared by his costume, while Isshi's mouth held his firmly in place, lips caressing his, stealing the last of his breath.

His grip tightened around Isshi's waist -- he could barely think. He was suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to devour and pleasure the perfect creature held in his arms, and he barely knew where to start.

Isshi's mouth released him, finally, and he heard the singer's soft panting. He opened his eyes, and was caught again by how beautiful, how serene Isshi looked. He wanted to break that serenity, to work the singer into a fever until he could barely see straight.

He leaned forward, running his tongue along Isshi's lower lip, tasting the lingering traces of lipstick on it. He felt them curving into a smile, and he smiled in response, moving his tongue away, tracing a line along Isshi's cheek and down his neck, fascinated by the bared skin. Isshi's shoulder begged to be touched, and he nipped it lightly with his teeth, listening to the short, sharp gasp of breath from above him.

Sakito bit a little harder, then began to suck on the soft skin, pulling it into his mouth. He trailed his way back across the shoulder, sucking and licking, and paused at Isshi's adam's apple, wrapping his mouth around it curiously, wondering what it would feel like. Isshi tensed in his arms, and he heard a soft moan; the adam's apple twitched under his lips, and he grinned.

"Sa-chan.." Isshi's voice pulled him upwards, and he met the singer's gaze again, and saw the desire burning there. His groined throbbed in response to that, and to the slightly wanton smile on Isshi's lips.

Isshi pulled him in for a kiss again, and then the wandering fingers were undoing the front of his jacket, discarding the clothing behind him. A single finger traced lightly along his chest through his shirt, circling randomly until it centred on his nipple, and flicked it gently.

Sakito moaned against Isshi's mouth, breaking the kiss, and Isshi's lips moved down, trailing kisses down his throat, sucking hard enough on his neck that he knew it was going to leave a mark.

Isshi's fingers began to unbutton Sakito's shirt, his lips following in their wake, and Sakito let his head fall back, feeling his erection growing, almost painfully tight against his shorts. Soon his shirt, too, was gone, leaving only a trail of smudged kisses down his chest. A tongue thrust into his bellybutton, and he jerked upright, squirming in surprise. Isshi laughed, sitting up again, one eyebrow raised, seemingly waiting.

"You.." Sakito grabbed for Isshi's obi, pulling it completely off and out of the way, and then tried to wrestle with the singer's kimono. It was unwillingly to come off, and he growled at it in frustration, his lust making it difficult for him to concentrate on the finicky cloth. He was about ready to tear the damn thing, costume or no, when Isshi pushed him away gently.

"Huh?" he looked up, blinking in surprise, as the singer climbed gracefully to his feet.

"Like this." Isshi reached behind him, and a moment later, the kimono loosened, the material swinging down and open at the front. Sakito stared. Isshi was wearing nothing underneath besides his thigh-high stockings.

Isshi smoothly shrugged the costume off, letting it fall at his feet, and looked down at Sakito, smiling, and Sakito continued to stare. Isshi was beautifully lean, and so very pale from head to toe. From where Sakito sat, his legs seemed to reach up forever, and his erection throbbed invitingly between them.

Sakito licked his lips, noticing the pre-cum gathered on the head. He shuffled forward, and hesitantly touched it with his tongue, running it slowly across the head, tasting the salty liquid. Isshi moaned, louder than before, and one hand snaked down to grip Sakito's hair.

"Please," he said, softly, and Sakito grinned up at him.

"What was that?"

"Sa-chan.." Isshi blinked down at him, eyes cloudy, then laughed slowly. "I said please. Pretty please."

"If you insist." Sakito leaned closer, trailing his tongue along Isshi's length, tracing the veins that throbbed warmly against his touch. He ran his tongue along the underneath, then swirled it around the head again, and Isshi whimpered, fingers tightening in his hair.

Sakito paused, then wrapped his mouth around Isshi, taking in as much as he could all at once, almost swallowing the singer's erection whole. Isshi groaned, and both hands twined in Sakito's hair, pressing him closer still.

He licked and sucked, loving the way Isshi felt in his mouth, warm and hard and completely at his mercy. The more he licked, the more Isshi moaned and panted and whimpered above him, and the sound was one hell of an aphrodisiac. His own trapped erection was aching for.. something. Anything.

Isshi's moans started to sound frantic, and Sakito tried to look up at him, but his angle was terrible. He knew Isshi was close to coming, and he tried not to smile as he let go of the singer and pulled back to stare at him.

Head back, eyes tightly shut and mouth wide and wetly panting, Isshi was just as beautiful like this as he was fully composed. His head twitched to one side, and then snapped upwards, his eyes opening wide to stare down at Sakito in shock.

Sakito laughed.

"I'm sorry," he managed. "I just wanted to see how beautiful you looked."

Isshi blinked at him again, and then a grin crossed his damp lips.

"Just you wait, pretty boy." The hands still tangled in his hair pushed him gently forward, a not-so-subtle hint to get on with it, and he smiled sweetly up at the singer. Then he clamped his mouth around Isshi's erection and sucked for all he was worth.

Isshi's moan was loud and long, his whole body tensing and suddenly Sakito's mouth was full of cum, Isshi's hands clenching and unclenching in his hair. He swallowed, carefully, trying not to make a mess, and licked the last of Isshi's seed off as he released the singer from his mouth.

Isshi sank to his knees in front of Sakito, eyes closed again, and Sakito wrapped his arms around the thin singer, pressing his cheek up against Isshi's, closing his own eyes. His erection throbbed painfully, begging him to let it free, and he couldn't help but groan.

Isshi sighed, a sweet sound in his ear, and a moment later Sakito felt a tongue running ever-so-lightly across his lips, before slipping into his mouth as Isshi consumed him in another kiss, taking control of him again.

Then the Kagrra singer was pulling him to his feet, and he dazedly let himself be led across the room, and pushed to sit down on the bed. Isshi stradled his lap, and suddenly those lovely dark eyes were directly in front of him again. One hand reached up to touch his cheek, a soft caress, and he opened his mouth to say something.

Then the other hand closed around his erection, and all coherent thought left his head as Isshi squeezed him gently. He moaned, helplessly, desperately.

"Isshi.. gods.."

"Poor little baby.." Isshi crooned, his smile mischeivous, and Sakito groaned again.

"Don't tease me.. please.." His hips bucked, almost against his will, as Isshi's hand continued to toy with him lightly.

"Oh, you're no fun." Isshi pouted at him, lips full and sensual, and Sakito reached up, catching the bottom lip between forefinger and tongue, rubbing it gently.

"I want you," Sakito said firmly, and a tongue snaked out to lick the tips of his fingers.

"I know." Isshi's hands abruptly unzipped his shorts, and he sighed, eyes closing, as he all but burst out into the singer's waiting grasp. Isshi pumped him, once, and he moaned, but his moan was cut short by Isshi's lips against his.

Then Isshi's hand let get of him, and Sakito whimpered, opening his eyes again just in time to find himself being pushed backwards onto the bed. He blinked at Isshi, who had climbed off him and was stripping him of his shorts and stockings.

Then the singer was climbing back onto the bed, next to him this time, and he found himself grinning again as he rolled over.

Isshi coyly crossed his legs and sat waiting, patiently, his expression saying, 'if you want it, come get it'. Sakito climbed forward and pushed Isshi back against the pillows, his hands moving to slide the singer's legs apart. He leaned closer, running his tongue along the edge of one stocking, then moved lower, down Isshi's smooth, bare thigh, tracing the silky skin all the way up to the top, his tongue sliding across Isshi's balls and then under them.

He found Isshi's hole and ran his tongue slowly around the edge, moistening it. Then he brought his hand up and carefully pushed one finger inside. He looked up; Isshi's head was turned slightly to one side, and he was biting his lip, just slightly. It was incredibly sexy and Sakito sighed, pushing another finger in, wanting desperately to be inside that tight space.

Isshi's eyes turned to meet his, and then the singer licked his lips slowly, carefully. Sakito growled and forgot all about being nice. He removed his fingers and moved himself up close, positioning his desperately hard erection against Isshi.

Isshi's long legs reached out and hooked themselves around his waist, and he took that as a good sign and pushed himself in. He barely heard Isshi's soft whine as the wonderful, tight warmth surrounded him, caressing him, holding him. He pulled out, slowly, and then entered again, pushing deeper this time, drowning himself in the exctasy.

He began to pump slowly, trying to find a good rhythm, and Isshi reached for him, pulling him down for a kiss, leaving a trail of saliva as he ran kisses across Sakito's chin and cheek. Sakito heard himself moaning as he thrust, and soon he heard Isshi's soft pants and groans as well, and he thrust harder, deeper, until the singer's moans were as loud as his own.

Sakito saw Isshi's hand creeping down between his legs, and he followed it with one of his own, wrapping it around Isshi's, pumping his erection in time to the thrusting. He raised his eyes to stare at Isshi's face, at how divine he looked right at this moment; his eyes half-lidded, his parted lips joined by a single string of saliva, the sweat sparkling on his brow.. and the slow smile he gave when he saw Sakito's eyes on him.

That sensuous smile, the feel of being inside Isshi, the sound of their lust combined.. suddenly it was all too much and he felt himself hit the edge. He gave a soft cry as he came, thrusting desperately into Isshi, and he heard the singer's moans grow more desperate as he, too, came, spilling seed across his stomach.

Sakito felt all the energy leave him and he let himself collapse onto Isshi, feeling incredibly warm and incredibly good. Isshi's arms slid around him, holding him tightly, and he reached up one hand, catching at the loose hair curling against Isshi's cheek and twining his fingers in it.

"You're heavy," Isshi said eventually, and Sakito laughed. He moved carefully until he was lying on the bed next to Isshi, without having to let go of the singer.


"Yeah." Isshi leaned closer to nibble on his earlobe.

"We should.." There were lots of things they should be doing. Cleaning up the mess. Putting away their costumes. Making sure the other band members weren't listening at the door. Doing it all over again.

"I know." Isshi raised a questioning eyebrow at him, and Sakito thought about it for a minute.

"Ah, screw it." He nuzzled up against Isshi's shoulder, tangling his legs with the singer's, and closed his eyes contentedly. He felt soft lips press briefly against his forehead.

"Maybe after we've slept," whispered an amused voice in his ear.