Since not everyone can read Japanese (myself included.. at least, until I've learnt more), I'm going to put up any translations or summaries of Jiraishin that I can get my hands on. I won't be doing the ones that Mixx have already published; for those, buy the proper English versions. ^_^ But for the ones they've skipped, let me see what I can do.

My friend Susan Chen has Jiraishin in Chinese and has so far summarised files 2 and 4 from volume 1 of the manga.

My friend Sasha Twen has Jiraishin volume 2 in German, and has translated the first part so far.

Masumi-sensei, my wonderful Japanese teacher, has explained to me what is going on in file 28 as each issue of Afternoon came out. (Yes, I got my teacher hooked on Jiraishin. ^_^) I've done my best to compress her explanations into a short summary for each part.

If anyone out there knows enough Japanese and is interested in doing fan translations of Jiraishin, please mail me! I really want to see it done and I'll do anything I can to help. ^_^

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