I'm collecting Jiraishin fan work that people have been sending me, and compiling it on this page. I love to see people being creative and drawing fanart, or writing fanfictions. If you have anything at all based on Jiraishin, please mail me with it and I'll be happy to put it up here! And if you're thinking about doing some fanwork.. go ahead! It's great fun. ^_^
Right now most of what I have is fanart, but I also have one fanfic, written by Kennedy.


by Ny by Ny by Ny by Jonas
by Rachel by Ko by Frank by Terri-Lee by Cassiel
by Missy by Missy by Missy



This is a set of cards based on the seven deadly sins, made by Metheus from various Jiraishin scans.

In my next life..
I'd rather be an emotionless flower..
However short a life span..

Take a Shot:


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