Jiraishin's Author: Takahashi Tsutomu
For those I've confused, Takahashi is his family name and Tsutomu is his personal name.

Takahashi-sensei is 34 years old, and is married with one child. (Maybe more.) His starsign is Virgo, and his blood type is O, making him a workaholic, insecure, and emotional, according to Japanese culture. ^_^ He likes rock'n'roll, particularly the Rolling Stones and Keith Richards, and he's also fond of Japanese artist Akira Kurosawa.
Jiraishin was his first and most successful manga, starting publication in Kodansha's Afternoon magazine in 1992, and drawing to a close at the end of 1999. He has also published a single volume manga, ALIVE, for Shueisha, released in late 1999, and in February 2000 he began the series Tetsuwan Girl, which is now running in the weekly magazine Morning.
Around December 1998, he gave a lecture about "Expression" at Ritsumeican University in Japan, and was said by the students to be very handsome, and very humourous. They also said he has hair "like a lion". ^_^
Takahashi-sensei also now mantains his own website! Make sure you visit and check out all the cool images and info.

Please enjoy my mini Takahashi-sensei gallery. ^_^ And if you have any other info about him, please email me!

In my next life..
I'd rather be an emotionless flower..
However short a life span..

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