The woman is walking purposefully through the city. As she passes a young child, he trips over, yelping in pain. She finds herself helping him to his feet, making sure he is alright, before she stops to question her actions.
At home, she sits in her room, alone, wondering what is happening to her. Finally, she goes to sleep, and begins to dream.

In her dream, she is in the strange, misty landscape again, but things begin to coalesce -- she is sitting on flat ground, and another woman sits not far from her, facing away from her and towards what looks like a church peering through the mist in the distance.

Even as she wonders who the woman is, the woman turns to tell her her name. "Atsuko." She pulls back in shock. "It can't be.. you.. my heart is.."
Atsuko stands and walks into the church, and the woman can only follow. She finds Atsuko seated at a pew, halfway down, next to a man in a suit who faces away. Atsuko stares over his shoulder at the woman, who moves around to see his face. It's a face unfamiliar to her, but very familiar to us -- Kyouya.
The woman awakens with a start, wondering.. "Atsuko?"

Later, Nakahara is meeting with a doctor friend of his. The man is telling him about a patient, a donor recipient, who wants to talk to him. The recipient has told the doctor that she is having strange feelings, and had a dream about Atsuko. Nakahara, of course, is quite shocked to hear this.

The woman arrives, and is introduced as Amami. She talks to Nakahara, telling him that she is finding herself changing; she finds herself clucky, motherly, wanting to get married, something she never wanted before; she has found herself with a fondness for things like cleaning around the house; feelings that are completely unfamiliar to her. She is sure that her donor was a woman named Atsuko, and she wants to know everything about her.

Nakahara cannot tell her anything, and he tries to explain this to her. But then she states that she knows the woman was Narita Atsuko, aged 32, who lived in Tokyo; she simply checked all the news articles and the like from the time that she recieved her new heart.
Nakahara is horrified. The other doctor apologises, but there is little he can do. Little either of them can do, really.

Amami dreams again of Atsuko, and when she awakens, finds herself visiting the Narita household in Tokyo, while Narita is not at home; she stares at the pictures of Atsuko at different ages, with her family, smiling and happy.
Later, she follows Narita as he walks through the city. When he enters a restuarant, she manages to get a table next to his, facing slightly away so as not to be seen.

She listens as Eriko arrives, greeting Narita; as Narita tries to call her by her married name and is told that Aizawa is just fine. (Which puts him off a little.) Then, as Amami happens to glance in the direction of their table, she finds herself staring in surprise.
It's no wonder; Kyouya, a man she has only seen in her dreams, is walking towards the table. He notices her, for she has unconciously risen from her seat in shock. For a moment they stare at each other, and Eriko and Narita are staring as well.
Then Nakahara arrives, beginning to apologise for his lateness; until he spies Amami. He yells at her. "What are you doing here? You idiot! Please stop doing this!"

During the meal, Narita asks him what that was all about. Nakahara tries to brush it off as an ex girlfriend who is following him around, but Narita guesses correctly, somehow, that Amami is the recipient of Atsuko's heart. Nakahara can't lie about that one, and he apologises.

The next day, as Kyouya and Eriko are leaving the station, they find Amami waiting for them outside. "Thank you for yesterday," she says.