New Heaven

Our unknown woman friend is remembering her childhood; remembering when her mother stabbed her father to death with a kitchen knife, and then came crawling across the floor towards her, screaming that she, too, must die, even as she watched helplessly, tears flowing down her cheeks. As her mother finally reached her, she slammed a wrench down upon the woman's head, sobbing as her mother took one last stab at her before crashing to the ground.

Back to the present day, and she is meeting a man on the docks, on a large boat. Together they enter the boat, where they wine, dine, and talk guns. Soon enough, they retire to the bedroom, and get caught up in the throes of passion.
In the midst of lovemaking, the woman has a strange vision, that she is standing in some nebulous, misty, half-there world, where a figure in the distance seems to be leading her somewhere.

When she returns to herself, the man is tearing off her shirt. (Yes, she kept it on for most of the sex.) He reveals a large scar that traces down between her breasts -- at the same place that her mother stabbed her all those years ago. The man seems fascinated by it, but she doesn't like that. She pulls out her gun and calmly blows his head off.
Before long she is dressed and on her way out again, with the new gun she has acquasitioned.

In the city, Nakahara is introducing Narita to a young lady named Katori Yuki. Yuki is an organ recipient; not Atsuko's, someone else's, but she is there to tell them about it. She tells Narita about how she has changed since her operation; how she has become almost a different person, with different likes and dislikes than before, and is more outgoing, and many other things. Narita seems truly fascinated; believing that his Atsuko's 'soul', perhaps, is out there somewhere still. He asks Nakahara who recieved Atsuko's heart, but Nakahara isn't allowed to tell him.

Eriko returns to work, finally; she is listless, unsmiling, and Kyouya asks her if she is okay (hey, that's a big thing, for him ^_~) and she says yes. She sure doesn't look it though.
In another part of the city, a prisoner is being transported under guard from one prison to another, and a rather familiar looking female sniper waits on a building nearby. As the group pass her by, she fires, her bullets taking out the guards and allowing the prisoner to escape. Afterwards she sits sweating, alone, wondering if there is something wrong with her.