(translation: Brain Death)

The ambulance rushes Kouhei and Atsuko to the hospital; Eriko follows, tears streaming down her face, silently begging her new husband to live.
Narita is almost a wildman, and his doctor friend from New York (Nakahara) grabs him, telling him to calm down and get out of the way; that he must let the doctors do their job. Narita is so furious he turns on the poor man, but in the end Narita knows he is right. There's nothing to do but wait.

The pervert who committed the murders is being held in custody, babbling nonsensically. Kyouya goes to see him; the man recognises him at once. "You're the one who's always with Eriko.. Iida Kyouya, isn't it." Then he babbles on again; Eriko is his, he says. Kyouya doesn't even bother to grace the nut with words; he glares and then leaves again.
Already the shocking incident is on the tv news, as Kyouya makes his way back to the hospital. There he finds a weary Nakahara, and discovers that although Atsuko is technically still alive, her brain has ceased to function and she's nothing more than a vegetable.

Narita is outside, sitting on a bench in one of the hospital gardens, a growing pile of cigarette butts at his feet. He is smoking another cigarette, his hands visibly shaking. The best comfort Kyouya can give is just to sit quietly with him and mourn.

Atsuko passes away at 4:27am. She carries an organ doner card, and so her organs are rushed off to save other still-living people in need. The funeral is held soon after, and Narita, Kyouya and Nakahara gather to give their respects to Atsuko. Driving back afterwards, Nakahara asks Kyouya about Eriko; Kyouya tells him that Eriko has gone away for awhile.

It seems that Kouhei, also, did not survive the crazed man's attack; only just married, Eriko is already a widow. She has taken some time off to stay with her mother, and we see them walking together along a crowded beach on a fine, sunny day. Even this is too much for Eriko; without Kouhei, nothing seems worth it anymore, and she abruptly breaks down and cries, falling to her knees in the middle of the pathway, oblivious to all the curious stares of those around.

Next, the story jumps to an unknown woman, following her as she visits her grandmother (?) and talks coolly with her, before leaving again, into a dark and snowy evening. She's off to the city, following news reports of activists gone a little crazy.
An important man waits in a room, waiting perhaps for a safe time to leave.. when all of a sudden a figure all in black bursts into the room, shooting him through the brain with a single bullet. And could that face be the face of the woman we have been watching?