A Bloody Wedding

Eriko comes home from work to find she has a large number of empty messages on her answering machine. She showers, and then finds a card that was stuck under her apartment door while she showered. It says, "Welcome home, it's been a rough week, hasn't it?". She looks outside but no-one is there. (Though while she's not looking we see a scary-looking man trying to stare through the peephole in the door.)

Later she goes out and runs into Kyouya at a bar. He's apparently there to meet Atsuko, Narita's daughter. Eriko joins Kyouya at the bar, and it's not long before Atsuko arrives. She joins in the conversation, and then casually asks Kyouya to marry her. (Cue Eriko almost choking on her drink.) Atsuko says there's no good men around her anymore except Kyouya.
He is rather silent, but his phone thankfully saves the day and he has to leave, with hardly a word.

Atsuko and Eriko stay and chat. Atsuko asks Eriko what she thinks of Kyouya. Eriko, suprised, says he's her work partner. Atsuko asks, "but don't you like him?" Eriko instead tells her that she is getting married soon.

Next day Kyouya is called to speak to Narita. When they meet, Narita tells him that Atsuko has liked Kyouya for a long time. He knows Atsuko has proposed to him, and he wants him to refuse. He doesn't want his daughter married to Kyouya's 'type' of person. Kyouya tells him not to worry.
Atsuko is waiting outside the building; but Kyouya walks past without a word. Atsuko is crestfallen.

When Eriko goes home later that day, she is knocked over by a man dashing out of her apartment as she was trying to enter. She yells at him but he's already gotten away. The apartment has been ransacked. The police come to see what they can do. The only thing missing is some of Eriko's underwear. The stalker has left another card. This one says, "when you are watching your tv, I'll be watching you."
Eriko's long time boyfriend, Kouhei, turns up to take her to stay with him instead; her apartment is an absolute mess.

The next day at work, Eriko tells Kyouya that she is getting married in August. He asks her if she'll still be working. "Of course," she says, and then asks, "aren't you going to congratulate me?" Kyouya replies, deadpan, "congratulations," and goes back to reading his newspaper.

Meanwhile, in Eriko's home town, her mother is answering the phone. A voice on the other end professes to be a college friend of Eriko's, who has lost his invitation to the wedding. Can he get the details? Eriko's mother cheerfully tells him the time and place. He thanks her, hangs up. We discover he is a dirty little pervert standing sweating in only his underwear, his gun nearby.

Another day, at the airport, Kyouya is right on time to pick up a friend; he's the doctor who did Narita's heart surgery when the two of them were in New York. He's there for Eriko's wedding, and to check on his "patient". ^_^ (Poor Narita!)

The wedding day soon comes. Atsuko is still on Kyouya's case, it seems; if nothing else, she convinces her father to take a picture of the two of them together.
Then it's time for the ceremony. The bells ring, the vows are spoken, and soon the beaming couple are walking out of the church, amidst happy cries of "congratulations!" Some people are shedding joyful tears. Others throw rice.
Suddenly, a gunshot is heard. Everyone turns in shock. A young man stands in the middle of the street, his gun pointed at the crowd. He shoots. Kouhei leaps in front of Eriko, and takes a bullet in the chest. Kyouya is already moving; as the insane man laughs he rushes upon him and floors him, a foot pressing his head against the pavement, gun gone. But the damage is already done.
Eriko lies stunned, her groom bloody and unconcious on top of her. Atsuko, somehow, has been hit in the crossfire, and she lies senseless with blood pooling around her head, as her father leans over her. Kyouya stares in shock as Eriko screams, "Call an ambulance!!"