As a rule, I don't play ninja type characters. Someone I used to know ruined them for me. But, Zantetsu is still pretty cool. I like that hat. *grin* He seems very sullen, out to get everyone, or perhaps thinking everyone's out to get him. Not to mention his ego problem. (As in, it's rather large.) He has a very deep, annoyed voice that sounds like he had gravel for breakfast -- when he actually talks. Mostly, he's just dark and mysterious.

He has a couple of pretty cool projectiles and uppercuts, and he also weilds some very sharp, very quick, very lethal blades. He can slice the air with them, he can jump up above and throw them down at you, and he can slash you to pieces very fast and consistently with them. He also has the ability to wrap his cloak around himself and become almost invisible -- all you see is the occasional flicker where you think he is, and by the time you get there, he's flickering behind you, kicking your butt. He's fast and can be very dangerous.

In the second game, Zantetsu remains fast and dangerous; he's had a few changes but he's still got a lot of very quick, devious slashing moves. He can grab you in the air for one of his throws now (argh! I hate that!) and he's still capable of flickering into almost invisibility. As ever, a force to be reckoned with.

Last Blade 1 Story: Zantetsu is a true ninja, and as time passes and the ninjas begin to die out in wars and the like, Zantetsu has discovered that he is the only ninja left alive. No-one seems to care about ninjas anymore, and Zantetsu is determined to prove their strength. He proves it time and time again, battling and destroying humans who thought themselves worthy opponents. But it's not enough for him; it's not proving his strength. So when he hears rumours of a demon being ressurected, he travels to find it and prove just how powerful he is.

Last Blade 2 Story: Zantetsu has been at his home village, teaching his grandson all he can about the ways of a ninja. But the time has come to leave, and he knows he will never return. His body is growing old, weakened by time and a life of fighting. For one last true fight, one last test of strength, he heads for Hell's Gate once more, where others strong and powerful are gathering.

Useless but fun facts: Zantetsu's birthdate is October 19th, 1811, making him 52 years old at the time of the first game. The kanji for his name means something like killing iron. (Hmm. Is that those blades? ^_^)

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