Kanzaki Juzo

Good old Juzo. I like this guy. He's big and buff. He bares his chest. He eats pork rolls before each fight, though he usually chokes on them. He doesn't take things particularly seriously, I don't think.. always flashing his beaming grin, and laughing heartily at his opponent.. or yawning at them. Really, he's just in because Akari dragged him along. ^_^ I don't play Juzo a lot, but I always amuse myself when I do.

Juzo weilds a big ass club which he waves around rather dangerously. He has quite a few nice thumping moves with it, as well as one great one that thuds the club into the ground so hard that his opponent falls over. He even has a nice juggle that tosses his opponent up into the air and then, if done right, he plays baseball with them on the way down. He's a little slow sometimes, but not as slow as Shigen, and he does some nasty things with that huge studded club. Beware the Juzo.

In the second game, Juzo is quite different. Most of his moves have been scrapped in place of newer, more ass-thumping ones. He has improved his baseball game greatly, as well as his headbutting, and his ability to grab you out of moves and blocks; and that club is just.. argh. Want to really piss me off, play Juzo against me and thump me to death. ^_~

Last Blade 1 Story: Juzo lives with Akari's family, even though he is not related to them, because he has no family of his own. One day, while he was looking for new ways to kill time around the house, he heard footsteps behind him, and then he was hit in the back of the head and knocked out -- by Akari, no less! The next thing he knew, she was forcing him along on her journey to check out the Gates of Hell.

Last Blade 2 Story: When Akari's sister, Hikari, fell ill, Juzo visited her every day, worried greatly for her. One day her expression was strange, and Juzo asked her what was wrong. She quietly told him that Akari had run off after Hell's Gate again, determined that it was at fault for her sister's illness. Juzo, seeing this as a way to prove how much he cared for Hikari, assured her to leave it all to him. As he powered out of the room to chase down Akari, Hikari shook her head with a sigh.

Useless but fun facts: Juzo's birthdate is June 18th, 1837, making him 26 years old at the time of the first game. The kanji for his name means something like gods promontory (for Kanzaki) and thirteen (for Juzo).

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