Kagami Shinnosuke

Kagami is the second and final boss of the first game, after you've defeated Musashi. And I must say, after the effort it took me to beat Musashi, Kagami was almost a dissapointment. He's not as tough and not as hard to kill; or at least, that's what I found. But he's pretty cool, all the same, even if he can be rather cheesy.

Kagami has a flaming sword, and he likes to use it. He also has some nice flaming moves that don't need his sword to do.. his throw is particularly vicious and spectacular looking. Kagami, like Kaede, also comes in two versions.. however, they're seperate characters, as it were. When you kill Normal Kagami, you fight Hyper Kagami, and when you want to select him as a character yourself, you have a choice of one or the other. Hyper Kagami has a few extra moves, and he also floats. ^_^

In the second game, Kagami is no longer boss, and therefore no longer Mr Cheese. He's been added to, his moves have changed quite a bit, and he actually learnt how to crouch this time! He's still cool, and the no-longer-boss status has made him a much more appealing and enjoyable character.

Last Blade 1 Story: Kagami is another of the four guardians of the Gates of Hell; he represents Suzaku, the Red Phoenix. However he has grown angry at the foolishness and weakness of the humans he protects, and desires instead to open to Gates of Hell and begin a new world order.. beginning with the destruction of humankind and his domination over all, of course.

Last Blade 2 Story: Defeated and dethroned by Kaede, who had awakened as the guardian Seiryuu, Kagami was thrown into Hell's Gate as punishment. But death could not take him, for he was needed soon for a higher purpose. Hell's Gate had been opened, the balance of order had changed, and Kagami was needed to ensure the conclusion of this tearing of fate.

Useless but fun facts: Again, I've no idea of his birthdate, although I know he is 30 years old at the time of the second game. The kanji for his name means something like delightful god (for Kagami) and modest man (for Shinnosuke).

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