Akatsuki Musashi

Musashi is the first boss you face in the game, and he's a mean old bastard. Wandering the earth for 200 years, or something like that, and he's determined that everything that stands in his way must die. Oops. Either move or hit him, quick! He's big, he's tough, he grrrrs a lot. And he has the coolest scarred eye. I like him, and I actually found him quite tough to beat.
Musashi is likely based on Miyamoto Musashi, a man considered Japanese's finest sword fighter, who dueled 60 battles undefeated. He also wrote the Book of the Five Rings. He's pretty damn cool; for more information about him, check out this page. (thanks to the 600 people who emailed me about it.. I really, really know who he is now. Honestly.)

Musashi is a very in your face type character. He has some very vicious slashes, a nasty fire uppercut type move, and a double cross slash that hits me just about everytime. (I'm stupid.. I jump into it. Don't do the same. ^_~) He's vicious, he hurts, but he can be a little slow on his feet, so nimble characters shouldn't have too much trouble beating him.

Last Blade 1 Story: Umm. I'm not entirely sure why Musashi is in the game, other than that he was ressurected by Kagami in order to fight. Anyone else have any more info?

Last Blade 2 Story: Musashi is only available in two player mode; ergo, I presume that he didn't really survive the first conflict and is there purely for the fun value. ^_^

Useless but fun facts: Birthdate? Not a clue. About 200 years ago, I guess. ^_^ The kanji for his name means something like daybreak (for Akatsuki) and I'm not sure what Musashi means. (Yet!)

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