Hibiki is another of those female characters who doesn't want to fight yet still goes on to kill a large number of people to get to the end of the game. Hmm. Despite this, I still quite like her (as opposed to, say, Rimururu, who I can't stand) though I think it's more for that fact that she's interesting to play. And I do recommend you give her a try because she's quite a lot of fun.

Hibiki's stance is very similar to Ukyo's from Samurai Shodown; back to her opponent, sword sheathed except when she's actually attacking. Also, you won't necessarily find her easy to play because most of her moves, though quite quick, suffer a large amount of lag if you miss with them. Thus, you can't just run in and button mash or you'll get knocked flat in seconds. Hibiki requires some mastery, but is very satisfying to play once you know what you're doing.

Last Blade 2 Story: During the Bakumatsu era, there was a bladesmith named Takane Genzou who was famed for his mastery. When he retired, it was to a quiet town away from the crowds who knew him; he took his daughter Hibiki, and continued his trade without stress. One day, a silver-haired young man came and requested a sword to be made; Genzou was entranced by his intense evil and could not refuse him. Even Hibiki felt uneasy about the strange man. Eventually Genzou finished the Yasomagatsu Hinotachi, the Eighty Day Sword named for the time it took to be created. But the effort had made him ill, and he was confined to bed. He told Hibiki that it was the silver-haired man's fault; "Though I cannot approve of such actions, go and find that man and the sword. The thing that I saw... what I felt... even you must understand." These were Genzou's last words. Confused and unsure, Hibiki yet did as she was told, packing her things and leaving their simple home. It was three days later that Amano Hyo came searching for Genzou.

Useless but fun facts: Although I'm not aware of her birthdate, Hibiki is 17 years old at the time of Last Blade 2. The kanji for her name means something like high peak for Takane and resounding for Hibiki.

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