Mukuro is, when it all comes down to it, what you get if you take Shikyo, kill him, then reanimate him. Lovely, hmm? ^_~ I think they had a bit of fun with this; though in all respects very similar to Shikyo, Mukuro is even more insane. (If that's possible.) Also, his voice is all of Shikyo's sound files, put through some really twisted filters, until they're barely recognisable. He's mad and a lot of fun, but to be honest I miss the good ol' Shikyo.

They also decided to make Mukuro even more powerful than Shikyo was; and Shikyo was quite good to begin with. Mukuro has pretty much the same moves, although he's less likely to drop his blades this time around, and he does a hell of a lot of damage. Good for when someone is beating the shit out of you nonstop and you want to get back at them. ^_^

Last Blade 1 Story: See Shikyo's page for more information.

Last Blade 2 Story: Wrapped and bound in bandages, dragging his blades, the mysterious Mukuro is an assasin. But he's a gruesome one; reeking of death and decay, he seems not much more than an animated corpse. The skills he once had now fade from his mind, but he has moved beyond noticing or caring of such things. In death, as it was in life, he roams with his Kyoudachi Hagewashi, the Misfortune Blade of the Bald Eagle.

Useless but fun facts: I don't believe dead people have birthdays anymore; but I guess Mukuro is the same age as Shikyo. The kanji for his name literally means corpse.

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