Yaaah, Setsuna! (Be still, my heart.) Ever since I got Last Blade 2, Setsuna has become my all time favourite Last Blade character. Yes, I am a female in lust, so sue me. ^_^ Setsuna is very, very cool. Tall and arrogant, with long white hair, a deep, soulless voice, a big sword, and a few powers of lightning. Oh, and absolutely no conscience. What more could you possibly want in a man? ^_~

Setsuna has some nice moves; a rising uppercut and a hard slash down from above that can be done either light or heavy, depending on how much time you have to hit. He can also grab an opponent out of the air and throw them forcefully on the ground. There's a nice twirling leap that will get you close to your opponent and beat the snot out of them if you're lucky. And he has one extra useful little trick; his 'ghost armor', as it were. When you do this move, he glows for awhile, and the next hit he takes, he can ignore it and still hit his opponent. Trust me, this works wonders and can make the difference between winning and losing. Oh, and if you can manage to do his super special move (check the FAQ, it's Anonymity, Ultimate Continuation) it's absolutely beautiful. Trust me.

Last Blade 2 Story: Setsuna is a powerful spirit of the underworld, let loose through Hell's Gate after Kagami was defeated. He took physical form on earth by entering the body of an infant that was killed amidst the confusion of battle. Now, his body is fully grown, and he appears a beautiful and youthful man; yet this masks the blackness of his soul. He is full of rage, a loathing for every living creature, both the spirits of his world and the humans that walk upon ours. And so he walks amongst them, seething with hatred against all life.

Useless but fun facts: Well, I guess Setsuna's birthdate would be about 6 months before Last Blade 2, hmm? ^_^ The kanji for his name means instant. (Specifically, refering to an instant or moment in time.)

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